Healthcare costs: in 2020 deductible at 19% only if you pay by card, bank transfer or debit card

Healthcare expenses, approved the amendment that wants them to be deductible but only if you pay by card or debit card, regardless of income.

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Confirmed in the budget law, by an amendment, the possibility of deduct health care costs for all taxpayers, regardless of income, but on one condition: they must be paid by card, bank or postal transfers, checks and ATMs, and therefore be traceable.

The expected deduction is 19% and can be requested at the time of the tax return, starting from 2021.

Initially it was decided to deduct health costs according to annual income, eliminating the deduction for those with incomes above 240 thousand euros per year, but the government then withdrew the proposal by choosing not to insert limits on deductibility.


How to benefit from the deduction

As stated, to benefit from the deduction it will be essential pay with traceable methods, or with credit cards, debit cards, bank or postal transfers and checks, and the deductions, by doing so, will already be loaded in the pre-filled form sent by the Revenue Agency.

Does this change exclude the use of cash payments? The answer is no, you can continue to pay in cash but in this case there is no deduction.

also the veterinary expenses from 1 January 2020 they will be deductible in the amount of 19%, "up to the amount of 500 euros, limited to the part that exceeds 129,11 euros."

The exceptions

There are exceptions to payment by card and debit card, in the case of expenses for services rendered by public or private structures accredited to the National Health Service, which can in any case be deducted. While the expenses incurred in cash for specialist services in private medical practices will not be deductible.

In addition, the expenses incurred for thepurchase of drugs at pharmacies, or to purchase medical devices and prostheses, can be made in cash, to meet the needs of the elderly, who often do not use ATMs and credit cards. But in this case, to benefit from the deductions, it will be necessary to present the health card so that the tax code is shown on the receipt.

Since when

The maneuver will be activated starting from January 1 2020 and you will therefore be able to benefit from the deduction in the tax return presented in 2021, relating to 2020.

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