Headache: all the most common triggers that you may not expect

What does a headache depend on and what are the lesser known causes ?. Does the Higher Institute of Health identify 10 almost "unsuspected" triggers?

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What does a headache depend on and what are the lesser known causes ?. Does the Higher Institute of Health identify 10 almost "unsuspected" triggers?

It can be intense or the classic "circle", it can be stress pain, neck pain, sinus pain or fatigue: headache, headache, migraine, are conditions so debilitating and annoying that you would do anything to remedy it instantly. But what does head pain depend on and what are the best ways to relieve it?

It is a problem that affects many people and that can actually be caused by different causes, as well as it can be located in different parts of the head or be "uniform" and spread over the entire surface of the skull. What is certain is that it is almost always a pain caused by a specific factor, as if to say: “nothing is left to chance”.

In general, it is useful to know that in cases of chronic attacks it is good to consult an expert, who will be able to evaluate symptoms and possible treatments. If, on the other hand, you find yourself struggling with sporadic headaches, in addition to the classic natural remedies or foods with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving power, even simple techniques to be used as needed can help.

Meanwhile, the ISS, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, has identified 10 specific lesser-known factors capable of triggering a headache attack.

The 10 triggers of headache


It weekend

Did you work non-stop from Monday to Friday and woke up with a severe headache on Saturday morning? Welcome "weekend headache", which makes itself felt exactly during the weekend, when tensions and commitments are drastically relaxed.

In fact, this is the case in which the stress hormones plummet and this can cause the immediate release of neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers of the brain, which lead first to a contraction and then to the dilation of blood vessels, resulting in pain. head.

The advice of the experts is, in this case, not to arrive too nervous and stressed at the weekend, but to provide spaces all dedicated to relaxation, such as some yoga sessions during the week, rather than postponing them to the weekend. It is also necessary to avoid sleeping longer, as prolonged sleep for more than 8 hours can trigger an attack.

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The suppressed anger

Anger is never good, especially when we are forced to keep it inside! In this case, how much harm does it do to our poor head? When you feel a certain anger towards something or someone, it is the muscles of the neck and skull that stiffen and cause a sensation very similar to that produced by a tight band around the head.

Thus we speak of "tension headache", to avoid which it would be good to breathe deeply and slowly, inhaling with the nose and exhaling with the mouth. Deep breathing promotes relaxation of the head and neck muscles and helps reduce tension.

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Incorrect posture

It is now known that an incorrect body position is synonymous with several widespread ailments, first of all - especially for those who are now in front of the PC or mobile phone - to neck, resulting in the possible onset of headaches. Typically, the pain starts at the nape of the neck and can extend to the face, up to the forehead.

What must be avoided, then, is to keep a fixed position for a long time: get up from time to time and sit with your back straight, perhaps on a chair with lumbar support. If you usually use your mobile phone a lot, bring a headset, because keeping the mobile phone fixed between your head and shoulder can cause muscle stiffness and headaches.

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The intense scent

People who are particularly sensitive to odors can be affected by the intense scent of some household cleaners, air fresheners, but also personal perfumes. Often, in fact, these products contain chemicals that activate the nerve cells in the nose that go to stimulate the area of ​​the brain connected with the headache, which clicks undisturbed.

The solution is therefore to avoid home fragrances, strong perfumes, shampoo or shower gel with an intense fragrance.

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A skyrocketing humidity rate, a gray and gloomy sky, but also sudden changes in temperature and thunderstorms can cause headaches if you are predisposed.

Experts believe that changes in atmospheric pressure, responsible for climate change, are capable of triggering chemical and electrical changes in the brain that, by irritating the nerves, cause headaches.

Grinding your teeth

If bruxism causes the muscles involved in chewing to contract, it goes without saying that it can also cause headaches.
In this case, an orthodontist will be able to solve the problem with a bite, which promotes relaxation of the muscles used for chewing.

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The bright lights

For many, particularly bright lights, especially if they flicker, raise the levels of certain brain chemicals that can cause a migraine attack.

What can be useful then is to put on a pair of sunglasses as soon as you feel the need. In the office, place the PC away from windows and light sources that can generate reflections and glare on the screen, using table lamps to read documents on the desk. Finally, avoid neon lights, which tend to flicker.

The food

There are some foods such as sausages, hot dogs, fermented and aged cheeses, chocolate, prepackaged foods, and smoked fish, but also diet sodas, which include chemicals that can cause migraines in some people.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you may want to fill in a headache diary, noting the food eaten day by day, in order to more easily identify the food responsible for the migraine.

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Headache from sex

This is no excuse, but there are many who suffer from headaches during the moment of maximum arousal, but also in the phase of foreplay or just before orgasm.

It is a form mainly caused by the increase in pressure in the muscles of the head and neck.


The contact of cold material with the palate or with the back of the throat (ice cream, ice lollies or frozen drinks) can be hit by an intense and stabbing pain in the central part of the forehead: it is the so-called "ice cream headache".

In any case, it is a disorder that disappears spontaneously in a few minutes.

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