Headache: 5 Simple Techniques To Get It Over In Minutes Without Drugs

Half of the world population suffers from it and it is one of the most common pathologies that can also become disabling if chronic. Find out how to try drug-free headache relief with these 5 simple techniques

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Headache, a problem that affects many people and that can have different causes as well as can be located in different parts of the skull. Some simple techniques can help us to get rid of the headache in a few minutes.

We specify that in case of chronic headache it is good to consult an expert to investigate the underlying cause and then work on that to eliminate even the annoying symptoms.

If, on the other hand, you find yourself struggling with sporadic headaches, in addition to the classic natural remedies or foods with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving power, they can also help. simple techniques which is good to know in order to use them when needed. (Read also: NATURAL REMEDIES FOR HEADACHE (Migraine and headache)

If your headache is particularly localized in some specific points, you can experiment with simple massages or pressures to relax the painful parts. In fact, pain can appear not only with different intensities but also in different areas of the head:


For the headache behind the eyes 

This is probably the most common type of headache, often due to a accumulation of phlegm or a real sinusitis.

In this case you can try apply pressure to the base of the forehead at the end of the eyebrows from both sides. The push must be gentle but deep and last about 20-30 seconds, if necessary repeating it several times or at different times of the day.

For headache at the base of the skull

If the pain is localized instead at the base of the skull you can try to place both hands on the area gently massaging the occiput with circular movements, exerting light pressure for a few minutes. These are often nervous and stressful headaches. It may also be useful to associate some relaxation exercises clike what we propose: FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY: ALL THE BENEFITS AND AN EASY EXERCISE TO RELAX

For headaches on the temples

If you are suffering from a headache with pain in the temples you can try Gently massage the two dimples found on the sides of the skull. Again it is necessary to make slow and circular movements for a few minutes. Read also: WHAT KIND OF HEADACHE DO YOU HAVE?

Breathe from the left nostril only

For all types of headaches you can then experience the breathing that comes from yoga practice. When the headache occurs, try to close the right nostril and breathe deeply for a few moments only with the left nostril (I inhale and exhale only from the left nostril). Read also: FROM YOGA A SIMPLE EXERCISE TO RELIEVE HEADACHE AND TIREDNESS

Breathing can undoubtedly help a lot in case of a headache. The school of breath® proposes this simple scheme:

Breathing exercise

Eyes closed, back straight, but relaxed,

  • 4 normal breaths (a little bit wider than normal)
  • 1 full full
  • 4 normal breaths (a little wider than normal)
  • 1 full full
  • 4 normal breaths (a little wider than normal)
  • 1 full full
  • 4 normal breaths (a little wider than normal)
  • 1 full full

if you want you can stay a few seconds with your eyes closed to enjoy the sensations.

There is also cervical headache. We had already talked about it in another article, also giving you some useful tips to defeat it.

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