Happy Meal by Mc Donald: hard to die!

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An author of the American site Threehugger.com carried out a singular experiment with a Mc Donald Happy Meal with truly disturbing results

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McDonald's: “I’m Lovin’ it”. This is the famous phrase with which the most famous fast food chain in the world sponsors one of its menus: the Happy Meal. The nice, colorful and inexpensive cardboard house where inside, as well as having a fresh drink, fries and a hamburger, also contains a "fantastic" surprise with which children can play and make their meal even more unforgettable. Up to here it would seem more than legitimate to confirm the slogan - "this is what I love" - ​​given however that with feelings you always have to go slow, in order not to run into bitter disappointments in love, it would be worth reading some perplexity raised.

The doubt as to whether it was the case to love the wide range of burgers of the giant created by the brothers Richard and Maurice had already been raised by some documentaries, the latest of which was the Oscar nominee “Food, INC.“. Now, however, to destabilize and further confirm how the diet offered by the disturbing clown in the Giallorossi is not exactly healthy, it was the turn of a accomplished experiment from the American site Treehugger.

One of the authors of the site, Joann Bruso, has seen fit to do a very special test. About a year ago he went to one of the many, welcoming and familiar Mc Donalds in his city, he lined up as always and bought a Happy Meal menu. Well and so far nothing new. What intrigued us and made us doubt about our love crush was the fact that Joann Bruso did not decide to eat it (and already there his choice would have been questionable, calculating that we are talking about one of the authors of the probably most authoritative environment site to the world), but keep it for one year in the office drawer e see how food would be reduced.

Are you curious? Well here you are served photography and document how, twelve months after its purchase, they turned into fries and burgers:

I swear there is no hand in the hand of a very skilled graphic designer or expert in photography programs, what you see is the exact reality! Zero mold, zero nauseating odors (according to the testimony of those who made the experiment) and zero sort of decomposition whatsoever. Unbelievable: Happy Meal he is the highlander of nutrition… he too is eternal!

It is appropriate to say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Any (and let me emphasize the word "any") food that is subjected to such a test I assure you would not last more than ten days or, in any case, would secrete a nauseating stench worthy of the worst New York sewer system. The magical menu, designed for the little ones, and instead virtually uncut and with very slight differences compared to when they delivered it a year ago.

Mc Donald: “I’m Lovin’ it”? Ma anche no!

Alessandro Ribaldi

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