Happy couples sleep well and in tune

The most close-knit and happy couples sleep in synchrony or have the same sleep / wake times and enter the different phases of sleep at the same time. This is revealed by an American research

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measure the happiness of a married couple enough see how he sleeps! To say a new American research that has highlighted how a satisfying love relationship results in better sleep and in sync between the two partners.

The study in question was led by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and presented at the Sleep 2014 conference. The researchers analyzed the married life of a sample of 46 married couples discovering that those who declared themselves most satisfied with the marriage were also those in which there was greater synchrony in the hours in which we slept but also in the moments in which we entered the different phases of sleep (light, Rem, etc.).

In particular it seems to sleep in sync when it is the wife particularly satisfied with the relationship (perhaps because he is generally the most difficult member of the couple to please?). However, the research showed that the happiest couples were precisely those in which the two partners had the percentage of time in which they were awake or asleep that coincided the most.

It was possible to monitor and analyze all this with actigraphy, a kind of watch that each participant wore during the experiment period. Thanks to this tool, the researchers were able to monitor the periods of activity and rest of individuals.

'The sleep of married couples is more in sync than the sleep of two random individuals - said Dr. Heather Gunn, lead author of the study - This suggests that our sleep patterns are regulated not only by when we sleep, but also by people. we sleep with ".

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