Green apple: a natural aid against obesity

New research has evaluated the effect of green Granny Smith apples on some ailments associated with the onset of obesity

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Apple has always been synonymous with health. This fruit rich in properties should be consumed frequently, preferably organic, to avoid taking pesticides which unfortunately are widely used in the cultivation of apples. Research recently discovered another property of this fruit: it would be capable of help in case of obesity!

The study, conducted by a team of scientists from Washington State University and published in Food Chemistry, specifically assessed the effect of green granny smith apples on some disorders associated with the onset of obesity. The benefit of these fruits would be attributed, according to the research, to gods non-digestible compounds naturally present in the pulp of these apples.

Thanks to these substances that ferment once they arrive in the intestine, the Granny Smiths they would help the good bacterial flora to proliferate with all the advantages that this entails. In particular, with regard to obesity, ad increase the sense of satiety ed lower chronic intestinal inflammation (disorder that is often found in obese people or people with metabolism problems).

But why exactly green apples of that species? "We know that, in general, apples are a good source of these non-digestible compounds but there are differences in the varieties," said Giuliana Noratto, lead author of the study. In fact, researchers have shown that compared to other varieties such as Braburn, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious, Granny Smiths contain more of those non-digestible compounds.

This discovery, according to experts, could help in the fight against obesity, in particular it would allow to work on the disorders associated with it.

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