Gratitude Journal: How and Why to Start Writing One

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Do you have at least a hint of nostalgia for your dear old diary of memories? With the start of the new year, you could take a cue from the good habit of writing a diary and try to transform it into something new: from a simple outlet to a diary of gratitude.

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Do you have at least a hint of nostalgia for your dear old diary of memories? With the start of the new year, you could take a cue from the good habit of write a diary and try to transform it into something new: from a simple outlet channel to diary of gratitude.

Abroad it is called 'gratitude journal’ and peeking through the online stores we can find real gratitude diaries ready to fill out. A nice notebook or diary to customize as you like will still be great to kickstart your gratitude diary.

It is essentially a matter of trying to dedicate a few minutes each evening to a brief analysis of the day just passed to identify what they are the gifts that the last twenty-four hours have offered us.

Any kind of experience or memory that we consider positive or negative at that time can fit into a gratitude journal. Perhaps in the future, re-reading the same pages, we might realize that an apparently negative event then turned into one of our greatest fortunes.

The gratitude journal is a good opportunity for learn to thank ourselves and the people who, perhaps even without realizing it, come to our aid day after day with their words, their gestures and their actions. After all, we know that there is always something to learn from listening to others.

Why start writing a gratitude journal or a simple memory journal? Writing a journal can have numerous benefits. When we write a few pages before going to sleep, we have the opportunity to put our joys and worries on paper. We can express them freely, even in those moments when we are alone and have no one beside us who can listen to our outbursts or stories.

Here then is what writing a diary can become a small, no-cost self-help and self-healing therapy which, for example, will allow us to rest better during the night and to find a solution more quickly to the problems that torment us.

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A gratitude journal can follow very different styles depending on the author. In short, there is no single way to express one's gratitude on paper. For example, some may prefer the compilation of short lists dedicate point by point to what they feel grateful for, while others may want to express their gratitude in a more elaborate way, perhaps by making drawings or illustrations, or by writing the classic journal page.

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We give you as a gift some tips that can help you start writing your gratitude journal and not abandon it after a short time.

1) Look for a reason: A gratitude diary, for example, could help you in the pursuit of happiness, in the analysis of your life or in the clarification of some complex situations, or it could be useful to give greater value to yourself or to others.

2) Experience an in-depth study: if compiling a simple list of situations for which being grateful seems trivial or not very useful, try to choose a single aspect to deepen for each day and try to identify the goal towards which your thoughts will lead you.

3) A brief moment of reflection: Does it seem to you that several positive things are happening in your life, yet you still don't feel happy enough? Think about how you would live if all that you are grateful for right now were not present in your existence.

4) Observe the emotions: A gratitude journal could become a good opportunity to observe, recognize, accept and process your emotions at the end of a long day. Putting emotions in black and white could help you make peace with yourself.

5) Take the necessary time: not everyone has time to write a diary every day. Here then you could opt for regular deadlines: write your gratitude diary two or three evenings a week, making sure that no more than seven days pass between one draft and the other during periods when you are very busy, so that you do not lose the habit anyway.

This is how thanks to your gratitude diary you could learn step by step to appreciate more the positive aspects of life and to re-evaluate with a smile everything that in the past seemed an insurmountable obstacle. Finally, you might rediscover that passion for writing that due to lack of time you had set aside.

Who among you has already started over to write a diary?

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