Gnocchi with broccoli pesto (recipe without potatoes)

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Gnocchi with broccoli pesto, the recipe to prepare a filling and tasty first course with water, flour and Sicilian broccoli

- gnocchi with broccoli pesto I'm a tasty one vegetarian recipe to prepare a first course easy to prepare, tasty and filling. There fresh pasta based on water and flour (therefore without potatoes) and the velvety and tasty dressing can also be prepared well in advance to better manage your free time.

If you follow one vegan diet, you can easily replace the vegetable cheese with flakes of yeast.



  • 400 gr of type 2 flour
  • 300 grams of water
  • 600 grams of Sicilian broccoli
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 60 gr of vegetarian parmesan
  • 40 grams of shelled pine nuts
  • sale .q.b.
  • extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • water to taste
  • Preparation Time:
    60 minutes
  • Cooking time:
    5 minutes
  • Rest time:
  • Dose:
    4 people to
  • difficulty:

How to prepare broccoli pesto gnocchi: procedure

  • To peel garlic, cut it finely and put it in a non-stick pan with the oil,
  • to wash and reduce the broccoli into florets, taking care to place a cross-shaped cut on the base of each one in order to speed up cooking,
  • brown and add water almost to cover, season with salt and cook, stirring occasionally,
  • cooking once the cooking water is finished it must have evaporated completely.
  • Meantime put the flour in a large bowl, slowly pour the water and knead,
  • transfer the mixture on a floured work surface and knead vigorously until it is no longer sticky,
  • making run a little dough under your hands, form very narrow cylinders and cut them into pieces about one centimeter in size,
  • to leave the gnocchi just obtained on a floured surface and distant from each other so that they cannot stick together, cover with a clean cloth and wait for the moment of cooking.
  • Prepare now the broccoli pesto, put the cooked and cooled peaks in a food processor, together with thirty grams of pine nuts, the vegetable cheese and a tablespoon of additional oil and reduce everything to a puree.
  • Cook now the gnocchi in boiling salted water for a few minutes, when cooked, drain and stir in a pan together with the broccoli pesto and a / quarter glass of water.
  • Meantime toast the remaining ten grams of pine nuts in a non-stick pan,
  • Serve, garnish with the freshly toasted pine nuts and serve the gnocchi with broccoli pesto hot.

One more tip:

The water and flour gnocchi can also be seasoned in other ways, depending on your personal tastes you can for example combine them with a mushroom sauce or a diced seasonal vegetables.

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