Glyphosate: 13 Municipalities of Lazio want to ban the use of the pesticide: it causes too much damage

The administrations of the thirteen municipalities in the province of Viterbo will meet in the coming weeks to regulate the use of glyphosate

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Thirteen Municipalities of Lazio they teamed up for regulate the use of pesticides, first of all glyphosate.

The Municipalities of Civita Castellana, Orte, Gallese, Vasanello, Canepina, Vignanello, Vallerano, Fabrica di Roma, Corchiano, Castel Sant'Elia, Nepi, Calcata, Faleria, all join the initiative. in the province of Viterbo.

Famiano Crucianelli, president of the Biodistretto della via Amerina and delle Forre of which the thirteen municipalities are part, declared:

"The main objective is to achieve homogeneity of the ordinances that regulate the use of pesticides or that, in other cases, prohibit the use of some herbicides such as glyphosate".

Regarding the truce requested by hazelnut producers, opposed to ordinances that provide for controls and sanctions for those who abuse pesticides in the fields, Crucianelli added:

“Let's not go back one millimeter. The much contested ordinances represent the local translation of national laws or regulations at European level regarding crop protection products. There is no framework for glyphosate, but there is evidence and counter-evidence of the damage caused by this type of product which amply justifies such measures.
The multinational that produces it has taken a step back, announcing that it will focus on alternative herbicides in the coming years. Isn't this enough to trigger the precautionary principle that mayors, as health authorities, can and must apply? What else do you need? ".

The thirteen Municipalities of the Biodistrict will meet at Fabrica di Roma in the coming weeks to discuss the use of pesticides and it is not excluded that they will decide to completely prohibit the use of glyphosate.

In the event that the municipal administrations should opt for a total ban on glyphosate, there is a risk that farmers will sue the mayors of the municipalities, as has recently happened in France.
Langouët mayor Daniel Cueff was recently dragged to court for banning the use of pesticides near homes: a measure to protect the environment, insects and above all people which, however, went against the interests of farmers. We hope the same thing will not happen for the mayors of the municipalities of the Biodistretto.

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