Globalized food is less and less safe. The alarm from the WHO (#savefood)

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Globalized and unsafe food can cause up to 200 diseases, including cancer

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

It was only there Diarrhea the problem ... The globalized food and unsafe can result up to 200 diseases, including cancer. Food Borne Diseases (foodborne illnesses) are more prevalent than you think, especially when you consider that they are two million people die each year in the world because of the contaminated food, while new threats also emerge continuously with the globalization of the food chain.

To detect it is the World Health Organization (WHO), which in view of the World Health Day scheduled for April 7 and dedicated to food safety (#safefood), identified five key measures to prevent foodborne illnesses.

From harmful bacteria to viruses, from parasites to chemicals, anything that can contain food can be responsible for more than 200 diseases: this is why WHO suggests that both growers and consumers can do prevention or take some precautions.

1. Cleaning: it is essential that there wash your hands well, wash your hands well before touching food, during its preparation and after going to the bathroom. In addition, remember to wash and disinfect all surfaces and tools used and then protect the kitchen and food from animals and insects.

2. hold on separate raw foods from cooked ones, keeping them in distinct containers

3. cook the food a lot, especially meat, eggs, seafood and poultry. Soups and stews must boil until they reach 70 degrees, while meat and poultry must become light in color and not pink

4. do not leave cooked food at room temperature for more than two hours, but immediately put it in the fridge at a temperature below 5 °. Do not keep food in the fridge for too long and do not defrost food at room temperature

5. used safe water for washing and processing food and do not consume food after the expiration date.

For the rest? It would be good to prefer Made in Italy and maybe even avoid the offers at bargain prices. Finally, choose fruit and vegetables from organic or biodynamic farming and, why not, grow your own personal garden!

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