Glass fragments in tomato sauce: brand and batch

The Ministry of Health recalled two batches of datterino tomato puree due to physical risk. They may contain glass fragments

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New food alert. The Ministry of Health recalled the ready sauce of Hyper Montebello because there may be glass fragments inside.

According to the safety notice published by the ministerial authorities, glass could be found in the bottles of ready-made datterino tomato sauce.

The recall concerns the Iper Montebello Spa brand, produced by the homonymous company based in C. Da Capraro in Vittoria, in the province of Ragusa. In particular, the sauce referred to is the one sold in glass bottles in the 330 g format and the sales denomination shown on the package is: “Datterino tomato - ready sauce“.

The withdrawal concerns the lot D304 / 19 with the followingexpiry dates: 31/10/22 and 31/12/22.

If you have purchased this product, check the lot and if it coincides with the withdrawn one, avoid consuming it. You can bring it back as soon as possible to request an exchange or refund.

To read the safety notice from the Ministry of Health, click here

Sources of reference: Ministry of Health

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