Ginseng coffee: the whole truth about one of the most popular drinks

Ginseng coffee is a product that we now find in almost every bar but which in many cases is not really a healthy choice.

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Il ginseng coffee is a modern preparation designed as an alternative to the classic coffee. A product that we now find in almost every bar but which in many cases is not really a healthy choice. Let's find out what it is and the possible contraindications.

Currently on supermarket shelves we find ginseng coffee in the moka version, in sachets to be dissolved or in capsules. Also present at the bar ready to be enjoyed in a small or large cup.

This drink, with a sweet taste and a similar appearance to coffee with milk (in the ingredients of the sachets there is often milk cream) is mainly used for its energizing and stimulating power but also simply for its flavor, often appreciated in how much sweeter than that of classic coffee.

Let's first discover the possible benefits of taking ginseng coffee.


Properties of ginseng coffee

The drink obtained from the union of traditional coffee (in greater quantities) and dried ginseng root basically offers three advantages:

  • Energizing: the active ingredients of both plants with which ginseng coffee is made have an energizing and stimulating power for our body. That's why there are those who take it to increase their physical stamina and keep themselves more active while studying or working.
  • Promotes concentration and memory: drinking ginseng coffee promotes greater concentration, clarity and reactivity. This is always due to the tonic and stimulating action of the substances contained in this drink.
  • Has less caffeine: this type of coffee is also appreciated by those who want to limit the intake of caffeine a little, as it contains a lower percentage than the classic variant.

Other possible positive effects to be confirmed are:

  • Blood circulation: ginseng coffee could have a certain positive effect on blood circulation thanks to some active ingredients it contains.
  • Immune system: there are those who argue that the union between coffee and ginseng can be useful for stimulating the defenses of our body.
  • Aphrodisiac: ginseng boasts a certain aphrodisiac power, it is therefore possible that drinking the drink regularly (as long as there is real ginseng extract inside) can increase libido and promote sexual activity.

The problem with this drink is that it potentially offers various benefits (which are the same as the coffee and the ginseng extract it is made of) but these are far overshadowed by the presence of other added elements.

Ginseng coffee: the whole truth about one of the most popular drinks


There are several versions of ginseng coffee. The basic ingredients would be (in order of percentage in which they are present):

  • Coffee (in some cases 100% Arabica, but in most less valuable variants)
  • sugar
  • Ginseng extract (sometimes just the aroma of the plant)

but often to these are added:

  • milk cream (or vegetable variant)
  • vegetable cream
  • mono- and diglycerides of gaseous acids.
  • hydrogenated vegetable fats
  • aromas
  • dyes

Which one to choose?

If you want to try ginseng coffee, we advise you to avoid the variants present in bars and in general the soluble versions of this drink which, as we have just said, in most cases are added with substances that are not really healthy and very rich in sugars.

Choose variants for mocha based on coffee and dry ginseng extract (attention: real ginseng non-flavoring extract!). However, even in these products there is a percentage of cane sugar but still lower than the sachets or pods (always check the label because each product is separate).

Also important is ginseng coffee, both organic as well as fair trade, in this way we will have a pesticide-free product and made without exploiting farmers.

How to prepare and consume ginseng coffee

Preparing ginseng coffee with the mocha is very simple, the only precautions to be taken are to put plenty of water (it must pass the valve) and not to fill the filter with the powder too abundantly or by pressing it.

Other good tips for an ad hoc preparation are to put the drink on low heat and turn off before it runs out.

It is advisable to drink the coffee immediately as the characteristic aroma is released better with the heat.

Even the variants for mocha contain sugar, so it would be better not to add any yet as the drink is already sufficiently sweet.

There are those who prefer to drink it macchiato (as you could do with a traditional coffee) with cow's milk or vegetable drinks, some as it is or maybe sprinkled with cinnamon. In summer it can also be drunk in a cold or shaken version.

Ginseng coffee: the whole truth about one of the most popular drinks


The intake of ginseng coffee has a series of contraindications and possible side effects that are the same as the original drinks from which it is obtained. Coffee contains nerve substances which, in the most predisposed subjects or if taken in exaggeration, can create nervousness, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, tachycardia, headache or cause addiction problems.

The ginseng extract on the other hand (although often present in small percentages in the drink) is not well tolerated by everyone. In some cases the substance can be excessively stimulating and therefore create side effects on the nervous system.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the harmful effects of the presence of sugar: it produces insulin peaks and exposes you to a greater risk of obesity and diabetes, creates addiction, is the enemy of pressure, etc.

The drink is not recommended for those who take certain types of drugs (always ask your doctor for advice) and are pregnant or breastfeeding, especially if consumed daily.

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