Ginger: all the properties and tricks to enhance its benefits

Ginger, a medicinal plant belonging to the Zinziberaceae family, is native to eastern Asia. From Hippocrates to Confucius, up to the present day, it has been used in many cultures of the world.

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Lo ginger, officinal plant belonging to the family of Zinziberacee, is native to eastern Asia. From Hippocrates a Confucius, up to the present day, it has been used in many cultures of the world.

Recent studies have identified ginger as one of the ten foods, endowed with the highest levels of anti-cancer activity. In fact, it would have a protective function against tumors in particular that of colon rectum. Furthermore, it is capable of heal numerous common ailments.

In Asian medicine, is considered one "hot" spice, so much so that in China, the ginger root is considered an effective tonico Yang, a kind of "natural viagraWhich is used precisely for strengthen le energy male, del The fire and vitality. According to the Chinese pharmacopoeia it is a useful remedy againstfatigue,asthenia andimpotence.

Today is the spice more cultivated, but it is also the most studied. In addition to being an aphrodisiac food, among its multiple capabilities those of stand out improve digestion, calm nausea, relieve muscle pain e articular, accelerate the healing in diseases from cooling andinfluence. This is thanks to his fleshy rhizome which contains active ingredients such as zingiberene, gingerols e shogaoli,resins e mucilage.

Thanks to these properties, ginger loosens mucus and frees the bronchi, thus facilitating the breathing. For this purpose, one is drunk from China to Burma via the Philippines hot drink prepared by infusing slices of ginger for 5-10 minutes with brown sugar. But it doesn't stop there: thanks to its effect thermogenic ginger releases a sensation of warmth in our body which, in case of cold and shivering, can be an excellent natural aid.

The same thermogenic effect it burns calories. This makes it particularly suitable for those who want to lose weight, as long as it is used as part of a balanced diet. Promotes the digestion of the carbohydrates and protein ed removes i intestinal gas.

In kitchen we use it fresh ginger or in powder for flavoring soups, fish, vegetables, desserts thanks to its pungent scent and pleasant spicy flavor. It is employed in the manufacturedi spirit, syrups, beer and can also be enjoyed candied.

To take advantage of the beneficial effects the ginger you should take an amount between 10 and 30 grams per day but to benefit from its properties antinausea e slimming, simply chew a small piece of fresh root as needed several times a day.

Here are some simple ones recipes to taste this natural cure-all:

Apple and ginger smoothie
This juice combines the antioxidant properties of apple with the tonic and stimulating properties of ginger. To prepare it, centrifuge 4 red apples with the peel and a piece of about 10 centimeters of fresh ginger cut into thin slices. Put in a glass, adding honey to taste and two chopped mint leaves.

Slice an inch-sized piece of ginger. Put it on the fire by adding cinnamon, coriander, lemon peel and a clove in 250 cl of water for 10-20 minutes. Then strain the liquid and sweeten with honey.

Simmer two teaspoons of freshly cut ginger in a cup of water for about 30 minutes. Add 120 gr. of sugar or honey and cook until it becomes syrupy. Drink a teaspoon of it or add it to black tea.

As always, mother nature offers us excellent remedies for our well-being. Just don't forget it.

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