Get rid of menstrual pains: relieve them like this, with natural remedies

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Menstrual pains can be small, bearable annoyances for some women, but can turn into debilitating ailments for others.

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I menstrual cramps they can represent small, bearable annoyances for some women, but turn into real debilitating ailments for others, who may feel oppressed by them during the days of their period.

During the least popular days of the month, the body asks every woman of childbearing age to allow herself a moment of rest, so that they can transform into a real phase of regeneration and purification. A major nutrition care and the use of some simple ones natural remedies they can be an excellent opportunity to take better care of yourself and welcome the days of menstruation with a completely new spirit.


Herbal Teas

Herbal teas take advantage of healing properties of plants and spices in order to calm menstrual pains, relieve swelling and give a feeling of relaxation and general well-being, which can help to better face the days of the cycle. Among the herbs and spices that you can use for the preparation of herbal teas to be consumed two or three times a day (calculating a dose of herbs or spices of two teaspoons per cup) are:

  • Chamomile: two teaspoons of dried flower heads for each cup.
  • Raspberry leaves: as early as two or three days before the arrival of your period.
  • Ginger: a teaspoon of powdered ginger to pour into each cup of boiling water.
  • Cinnamon: in the same doses as ginger, it helps in case of abundant flow,
  • Mint: favors the arrival of the cycle in case of delays due to stress or change of season.


Leave a piece of grated ginger root in boiling water for about fifteen minutes, then allow to cool and soak a cotton cloth in the liquid which must be wrung out and applied to the abdomen. It is a method that allows you to relieve the pain caused by menstrual cramps and which, above all, forces every woman to allow herself a moment of rest, often required by the body during the days of the cycle. The ginger tea can be replaced by a chamomile tea.

Foot baths

An excellent foot bath to relieve menstrual cramps can be made by dissolving two tablespoons of mustard powder in a basin of hot water. Other spices or aromatic herbs suitable for this use are cinnamon, ginger, cloves and thyme. After the foot bath, the feet can be massaged with aloe vera gel, to prolong the moment of relaxation.

Essential oils

Among essential oils considered effective in relieving menstrual pains are those of lavender, chamomile, marjoram and geranium. They can be used to make massage oils by diluting a few drops in a base vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil or olive oil. The massage oils obtained can be used to apply on the feet, legs and abdomen, to relieve pain and a feeling of fatigue.


The same essential oils indicated above can be used individually to dedicate themselves to home aromatherapy treatments, as long as you have an essence burner in the tray of which pour a little water and four or five drops of the chosen essential oil, the fragrance of which must be diffused in the rooms of the house you frequent the most.

healing ointment

An ointment to massage on the abdomen for relieve menstrual pain can be prepared by melting in a water bath 50 grams of shea butter and adding to it a tablespoon of oleolite or marigold macerate, or 10 drops of calendula essential oil. You will have to mix the mixture well, preferably with a wooden rod or spoon and pour it into an airtight glass jar.

Marigold oil

For the preparation of the marigold oil, you will need it 50 grams of calendula flowers dried e 250 milliliters of extra virgin olive oil or cold-pressed sunflower. Arrange the flowers on the bottom of a glass jar, pour in the oil and close. Store in the dark for two weeks, shaking the jar at least once a day. At this point you can open the jar, filter the oil and store it in a dark glass bottle. It can be used to prepare the ointment from the previous point or used pure to massage the abdomen.

Bath salts

Bath salts can be used to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the tub or through a foot bath. Get some coarse salt and plan to add 10 drops of lavender essential oil for every 100 grams of salt. You can also add a handful of dried lavender flowers to the preparation. Store in tightly closed glass jars.

Foods to Avoid

Among the foods considered to cause discomfort during the days of menstruation, including cramps, headaches, drowsiness and a constant desire to eat sweets, there are: alcohol, refined sugar, particularly spicy foods, sweet packaged snacks, fried foods and dairy products. They should therefore be eliminated or avoided as much as possible as early as the week preceding the cycle.

Foods to prefer

In addition to not forgetting to drink enough water and to hydrate yourself also thanks to the herbal teas indicated in the previous points, you should try to enrich your diet with vegetables, fruit and green leafy vegetables, to be seasoned with spices such as ginger, fennel seeds, thyme, flax seeds, cinnamon and ground cloves. These spices are considered to be real natural medicines able to relieve the annoyances most commonly accused by women during the cycle.


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