Fumenti and fumigations, grandmothers' effective trick against colds and sore throats

Fumenti against colds, sore throat and stuffy nose. How to prepare fumigations with baking soda, coarse salt and essential oils

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I smokedthe fumigations, are one of the best known grandmother's remedies to combat the cold, stuffy nose and sore throat. Water vapor helps free the nose, promotes the dissolution of mucus and helps the throat, especially if other ingredients, such as essential oils, are combined with boiling water.

It is hot inhalations, especially useful in the evening, before going to bed, to be able to breathe better during the night and to relieve the discomfort caused by colds, sore throat and stuffy nose. The tools are very easy to prepare. Just have one available pot with boiling water and some additional ingredients readily available.

To prepare the fumenti, bring a pot of water to a boil. When the water boils, remove the pot from the heat and pour in the useful ingredients you have at your disposal. You will need to cover your head with a towel e breathe in the vapors with both nose and mouth for at least 5 minutes.

Using the towel helps not to let the vapors disperse too quickly. Dedicate yourself to the tools once or twice a day, when needed and continue until the annoyances have disappeared. You can add, for example, baking soda, chamomile flowers and essential oils to the pot with boiling water, in the quantities indicated below.


Bicarbonate fuels

I smoked the sodium bicarbonate represent one of the most popular fumigations. Our grandmothers suggested we pour a spoonful of baking soda in a pot of boiling water, stir with a spoon and breathe in the vapors deeply. The remedy is very useful in case of colds and stuffy nose.

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Chamomile fumenti

La chamomile has soothing properties and helps clear the airways. In case of cold it is also useful in the form of herbal tea. To prepare the chamomile fumenti, pour a handful of his own dried flowers in a pot with boiling water. If you want, you can add a teaspoon of baking soda. Chamomile fumigations are also useful in case of otitis aggravated by the presence of mucus. If you don't have chamomile flowers available, use a normal one tea bag based on this ingredient.

Fumenti all'eucalyptus

I fumenti all'eucalyptus are particularly suitable to clear the airways in case of nasal congestion and they are also good for sore throat. You can use eucalyptus essential oil in addition to or in place of baking soda. A few drops (4 or 5) are enough to pour into a liter of boiling water. The eucalyptus fumigations are especially suitable in the evening, to breathe better during sleep.

Fumenti with coarse salt

If you don't have baking soda, chamomile flowers or eucalyptus essential oil available, you will almost certainly find coarse salt in your pantry. For prepare i coarse salt fumigations bring a liter of water to a boil and pour a spoonful into the pot. Breathe in the vapors that will be released for a few minutes.

Tea Tree Oil Fumenti

Tea Tree Oil is a essential oil from the numerous to the healing properties. It is considered very useful when the first symptoms ofinfluence and winter ailments, which may include colds, sore throat and stuffy nose. Against the symptoms of the flu you can add 5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil to the boiling water that you will use for the fumigations, pouring it directly into the pot.

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You know other natural remedies useful as far as tools are concerned?

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