Fruits, vegetables and whole grains: the diet to prevent chronic diseases

International research shows how a diet based on whole grains, fruit and vegetables protects against the onset of one or more chronic diseases

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International research shows once again how eating properly and healthily be the key to good health. In fact, the study carried out by the University of Adelaide, in collaboration with universities and health organizations in China and Canada, shows that a diet based mainly on fruits, vegetables and whole grains keeps you away from various chronic diseases such as anemia, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and cancer.

The study, published in Clinical Nutrition, looked at the lifestyle, diet and health of more than 1000 people in China over a 5-year period. The researchers could note that the participants ate fresh fruit and vegetables but also cereals other than wheat and rice they were precisely those who enjoyed the greatest health in the time span examined.

Particularly interesting is the fact that, according to the study, those who eat whole grains like oats, rye, barley, millet and quinoa (which is not really a cereal verse) is generally enjoyed better health. The explanation for this was given by Dr. Zumin Shi, one of the authors of the study: "cereals other than rice and wheat are less likely to be refined and are therefore able to contain more dietary fiber". With all the benefits it brings, we add.

Thanks to fruits and vegetables, then, people can have a higher intake of magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C and B vitamins but also iron. Based on the results, the researchers noted that a higher intake of fruit is able to protect against the onset of a first disease chronic while increased intake of vegetables help prevent more chronic diseases from developing (what in technical terms is defined "multimorbidity").

“Risk factors such as smoking, lack of physical activity and nutrition are already known to be linked to the development of chronic diseases. But this is the first time that research has shown that nutrition is directly associated with the development of multiple chronic diseases over time "said Dr. Shi who concludes" this study reinforces the need for broad education programs about the benefits. of a healthy diet ".

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