From the fridge to the field, small natural remedies for sunburn

If despite the many recommendations with which we have bombarded you in recent times, you find yourself, after a sunny day, beautiful reds, cooked and painful, do not despair; to relieve pain and soothe the skin there are in fact many small and absolutely natural remedies at hand.

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Ah-ah! Here we go again! If you have come up to this article it means that, despite the many recommendations and the advice on what to buy, with which we have "bombarded" you in recent times, you find yourself, after a sunny day, beautiful reds, cooked and painful. Okay, the damage is done, but don't despair; there are in fact many to relieve pain and soothe the skin small absolutely natural remedies and at your fingertips.

First of all remember to hydrate yourself: lots of water to help our body remedy our inattention from within and then lukewarm showers and emollient lotions to get some immediate relief. Obviously, no sun and no sea until the redness is gone.

To reduce the burning, then open the fridge… No, do not position yourself inside it even if the temptation is strong: in fact, there are many allies among foods that can help our skin to heal. Tomatoes and raw potatoes cut into slices e lettuce or cabbage leaves, softened first in boiling water, applied to the affected areas, have a high anti-inflammatory power as well as egg white beaten or the pulp of cucumbers, apples and strawberries shredded with which you can make compresses. Still among the grandmother's remedies we find rinses with solution of water and white wine vinegar, yogurt, olive oil e honey. About the latter, from a study by the Clinical Research Unit of the University of Auckland in New Zealand, it emerged that honey accelerates healing times, has antibacterial properties due to the presence of hydrogen peroxide produced by bees during the transformation. of the nectar and helps to remove the dead body of the tissues for their faster regeneration.

From the fridge we pass to the field and take a look at which ones medicinal herbs, in the burning situation in which we find ourselves, they can do for us. In herbal medicine or even at home we remember first of all, the calming par excellence, the chamomile. This valid natural remedy against all pains, also soothes those due to sunburn: you can prepare an infusion that, when cooled, we can apply on the affected areas at least twice a day or we can proceed with ad hoc creams that ours herbalist will be able to advise us.

Aloe vera, one of the best known natural remedies for burns, relieves pain, reduces inflammation and redness. Also in this case we can resort to specific creams or we can directly apply the transparent liquid contained in its leaves. St. John's wort still plays an effective role antibiotic and healing action and lavender essence , a soothing and calming herb that helps disinfect wounds, promotes healing and decreases pain. We can use creams or lotions available on the market for the ordinary hydration of the skin, resort to specific formulations created specifically for sunburn, use the essential oil that gives an immediate sensation of freshness to the skin or resort to a simple infusion.

THE witch hazel, included as early as 1862 in the Official Pharmacopoeia among the anti-inflammatory remedies, exerts a soothing and preventive action against inflammation as well as parity of which we can use the ointment or cream. Again the baobab seed oil that regenerates the skin, soothes and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and calendula which has a proven antibacterial action, stimulates the cellular metabolism of the skin, exerts an anti-inflammatory effect on inflamed and sensitive skin and improves skin tone and blood circulation ensuring emollient, soothing and refreshing properties.

The pain and discomfort will likely disappear within a couple of days, but remember that damage caused by sunburn are registered by our skin and tend to manifest themselves even after many years, especially during maturity: spots, moles, premature aging of skin tissues are the mirror afterwards of an unresponsive attitude, therefore, a little more attention next time time.

Because the sun is good after all, you just need to know how to take it!

Rosa Simonetta

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