From the fridge 10 remedies for the small inconveniences of the holiday

From the fridge and the pantry, here are 10 remedies to solve the small problems that can happen while you are on vacation.

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Sunburn, erythema, insect bites, motion sickness, nausea and constipation. Here are some of the small problems we may encounter on our travels.

From the fridge and the pantry 10 remedies come to our aid to solve the small problems that can happen while we are on vacation.


Headache: try the potato

Relieve headaches and heaviness in the eyes with the potato. How to do? Peel and cut the sliced ​​potato about half a centimeter. Lie down and place the potato slices on your forehead, temples and eyes. Your eyes will feel lighter and the headache will gradually disappear. Here all the instructions.

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Sunburn: lettuce pack

If your skin is sunburnt, try making a lettuce wrap. Boil some lettuce leaves in water for a few minutes. Drain them by collecting the water in a bowl and let the resulting liquid rest until it has cooled down. Or pour it into a vaporizer and spray. Use it to make compresses to apply on sunburn with the help of wadding or cotton sheets. Other remedies to apply on the skin, because they are refreshing, are aloe vera gel, potato peels or slices, cucumber slices and tomato wedges.

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Insect bites: one onion is enough

If insect bites annoy you, rely on an ancient folk remedy. Slice one onion and take a piece of it. Apply it to the area causing discomfort and apply a plaster or small bandage. Leave it on for a couple of hours. Other useful alternative remedies to onion are a clove ofgarlic and a piece of leek.

Nausea: the solution is ginger

Ginger is always a good solution for preventing and relieving nausea. Nausea can appear especially during the trip, when traveling by car, bus or ship. Try chewing on a small piece of fresh ginger before departure or while traveling to mitigate the problem. The same remedy is valid if you feel a sore throat on the way.

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Erythema: choose aloe vera

If you have the possibility to take the aloe vera gel directly from the leaves of the plant, blend it to obtain a well spreadable mixture, keep it in a glass jar and for a couple of days it will be ready to use, fresh and emollient. The advice is to keep in the fridge also packaged aloe vera gel, so it will always be at your disposal in case of sunburn and sunburn.

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Constipation: green light for prickly pears and prunes

In addition to the classic yogurt (also vegetable, the important thing is that it is rich in probiotic ferments) what can we eat on vacation to prevent constipation? Summer is the season of prickly pears and prunes, two highly recommended foods to solve the problem. You can consume both fresh and dried.

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Swollen belly: eat an apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, as claimed by an ancient popular saying, now considered true even by science. Enriching your diet with fruits rich in fiber such as apples allows you to promote intestinal traffic, improve digestion and prevent and relieve abdominal bloating. A real panacea for health. Cho suffers from bloating and fermentations should consume fresh fruit between meals.

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Difficult digestion: drink water and lemon

In the morning, squeeze the fresh juice of half a lemon, dilute it in a glass of water at room temperature and drink on an empty stomach. Drinking lemon water is a universal natural remedy for difficult digestion. Helps to decrease heartburn and bloating.

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Bad breath: Refresh it with parsley

Poor digestion and irregular meals on vacation can lead to bad breath. How to refresh your mouth in a short time, to avoid that bad breath is associated with a feeling of nausea? Just chew a few leaves of fresh parsley taken directly from the fridge.

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Bruises: put on ice

Small accidents can happen on vacation, especially during trekking or a bike ride. As soon as you get home, apply the most classic of natural remedies to use in case of bruises e bruises, i.e. ice, which will help relieve redness, swelling and pain.

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