Fresh peas: 10 recipes to enjoy them at their best

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How to cook fresh peas? Once peeled, here are 10 quick and easy recipes to enjoy them to the fullest

How to cook fresh peas? Here are 10 quick and easy veg recipes to enjoy them at their best

I fresh peas they are a very versatile ingredient that will be useful to you in the preparation of numerous dishes, from appetizers to first courses and side dishes. You can prepare fresh peas by briefly tossing them in a pan before adding them to the other ingredients, simply with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Here are 10 recipes to best enjoy i fresh peas.


Pea risotto with tofu side dish


You can choose i fresh peas as the main ingredient to season your pea risotto with tofu side dish. You can also combine onions or leeks and carrots. The rice and vegetables will be cooked in vegetable broth and you can serve the risotto with peas with a side dish of tofu sauteed in a pan and flavored with chilli. Here the complete recipe.

Vegetarian lasagna with peas and asparagus


With fresh peas and asparagus you can prepare an excellent filling for yours vegetarian lasagna. If you can, prepare the béchamel at home, in order to obtain an even tastier dish. Enrich the filling of your lasagna with leeks and courgettes. THU the complete recipe. (Read also: Vegetarian lasagna: 5 recipes)

Pea meatballs


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Fresh peas are an ingredient that lends itself perfectly to the preparation of vegetable meatballs. You can combine the peas, after boiling them, with already cooked potatoes. You will complete the preparation of the pea balls with unrefined salt, extra virgin olive oil and spelled breadcrumbs. Here the complete recipe.

Warm salad of fresh peas and asparagus


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Here is a healthy, easy to make and tasty idea to make a quick outline made with fresh peas and asparagus. As Sweet Occasions explains, you can customize the preparation of this warm salad according to your tastes, perhaps adding lemon zest, fresh mint or couscous to the basic ingredients. THU the complete recipe.

Quinoa with peas, green beans and tofu


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La Quinoa it lends itself perfectly to being seasoned with fresh vegetables such as peas and green beans. So get ready for summer by experimenting with the colorful dish illustrated by the blog In Viaggio In Cucina. You can also add cherry tomatoes, spring onions and coriander to the dressing. Here the complete recipe.

Warm salad of barley and peas


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The Sapori e Ricette blog offers a quick and easy dish, suitable as a light side dish. It is a'warm salad of barley and peas, which you can also serve as an appetizer. In addition to barley and fresh peas, you will only need extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme. This is a really cheap and healthy salad. THU the complete recipe.

Spring-flavored wholemeal pasta


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Do not forget that you can choose fresh peas as a tasty variant for season the pasta. The Cucina Verde Dolce e Salata blog explains how to prepare an excellent dish of wholemeal pasta with spring flavors. You can combine peas with onion and white asparagus. THU the complete recipe.

Savory muffins with peas, mushrooms and saffron


The Naturomania blog offers a very useful recipe for preparing gods muffin alternatives, in a salty version instead of a sweet one. You will be able to cook the peas in a pan with the mushrooms before moving on to the preparation of savory muffins. If you don't have saffron available, you can replace it with turmeric. THU the complete recipe.

Cream of peas and carrots


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Here is a really easy recipe to make to quickly make one velvety base of fresh peas and carrots, perhaps with ingredients collected directly from the garden. You can boil the carrots and peas together in vegetable broth and blend to obtain the cream.

Grilled with peas


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Peas will be a perfect ingredient for your filling farifrittate, that is of the omelettes without eggs prepared with the chickpea flour. The Cucina Naturale e Frugale blog suggests stir-frying peas with a little onion before moving on to preparing the actual farifrittata. Here the complete recipe.

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