Fresh ginger: 5 ways to keep it longer

How to best preserve fresh ginger to ensure a longer shelf life?

How to best preserve fresh ginger to ensure a longer shelf life?

If we have it in the house fresh ginger and we don't consume it frequently we risk seeing it go bad quickly enough. So here are some tricks to keep it longer and not waste even a small piece!

Although it is not part of our culinary tradition, ginger is increasingly present in our homes both to flavor foods and to prepare herbal teas or other natural remedies based on this spice.

Buying it of good quality, preferably organic and as fresh as possible, is important not only because all the properties are contained within the rhizome but also because in this way it will last longer.

If it is not used very often, in fact, the risk is to see the ginger slowly deteriorate, dry up and eventually become unusable. So be careful when buying ginger that it has a smooth skin and that the rhizomes are firm and consistent. Instead, avoid pieces that have a soft texture and wrinkled skin as they are probably already old.

But now let's find out some ways to better preserve ginger and make it last longer:


Store the ginger in a paper bag

One way to prevent ginger from drying out too quickly is to store it in a paper bag or paper towel. It is advisable to wrap the piece of ginger in paper so that there is no room for air and moisture to pass through. It must then be kept in a cool and dry place (if the temperatures allow it, otherwise see next point).

In the fridge

If you want to extend the life of ginger by placing it in the refrigerator, it is advisable to leave all the rhizome intact and remove pieces only when needed. Also in this case it is good to put the ginger in a resealable paper bag by removing as much air as possible inside it and placing it in the fruit and vegetable drawer. This way the ginger will keep fresh for about a month.

Freeze it

One of the best ways to store ginger is to peel and finely chop it, then place it in a container with a lid and freeze it. The alternative is hermetically sealed sachets suitable for storing food where you can put it into slices, washers, small pieces or grated in single portions. The frozen ginger can be enjoyed within a couple of months without losing its flavor.

In a jar with an acidic liquid or alcohol

You can also choose to keep the freshly peeled ginger in a jar submerged in an acidic liquid such as lemon juice or vinegar or alcohol (such as Vodka). However, it is a strong preservation method that can alter the taste and flavor of ginger.

Ginger oil

With fresh grated rhizome you can make an excellent ginger oil that will last a long time. It is prepared using only two ingredients: extra virgin olive oil and ginger. At the end of the preparation, if you choose not to filter it, you can use the pieces of ginger to enrich your dishes whenever you like.

Useful things to remember

  • Once the ginger has been peeled and sliced, it can no longer be stored at room temperature. To make it last longer, you will still need to freeze it or store it in the refrigerator.
  • Ginger easily lasts up to 3/4 weeks in the refrigerator, provided it hasn't been exposed to air and moisture.
  • The easiest way to always have fresh ginger available is to grow it yourself at home. It doesn't cost much to try!

Now that you know how to preserve ginger at its best, be careful not to waste it and take advantage of the many benefits it offers every day!

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