Free masks and gloves to all workers, Conte's announcement

Conte announced via videoconference that all workers will receive free masks and gloves to be able to operate in maximum safety

In videoconference with trade unions and industrial associations, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte promised free masks and gloves to all workers. However, it will take a few days to actually distribute them.

During the meeting that was held by videoconference between Conte and the major exponents of trade unions and industry, the premier invited companies to speed up the implementation of safety measures and recognized the great effort that workers are making.

He then underlined how the Government has a moral and legal duty to guarantee workers conditions of maximum safety:

“We must all be aware that all those who are working - workers, technicians, executives - do not carry out simple work services according to the work / salary exchange scheme. At this moment their effort takes on a particular significance: it is an act of great responsibility towards the entire national community ”she declared.

That is why it has decided to offer them the most important means to protect themselves from the coronavirus, namely masks and gloves:

"With the Civil Protection we are making extraordinary efforts to be in a position, already in the next few days, to distribute personal protective equipment free of charge to all workers"

Conte also announced an update of the meeting in the afternoon / evening. In the meantime, he will work on the drafting of an ad hoc safety protocol for workers.

Sources: Government / Adnkronos

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