Fractional diet, 6 meals a day to lose weight (and gain muscle mass)

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The fractional diet recommends eating 6 times a day especially low-calorie and protein-rich foods in order to increase muscle mass

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What is the fractional diet, how it works, what and WHEN to eat

La fractional diet it can be recommended for those who practice a lot of sport and for all those who want to increase muscle mass or are inappetent. It is a diet that suggests eating in a fractional way during the day, allowing yourself 6 meals or snacks daily.

Among the many diets, more or less known, trendy or that cyclically reappear in the panorama of possibilities for those who want to lose weight, there is also the fractional diet.

Haven't you ever heard of it? Here's what it consists of, how it works and an example of a daily menu.

How it works

The fractional diet is based on dividing the daily calories into 6 different meals which, depending on the person, can be more or less full-bodied. In this way, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients are distributed throughout the day, increasing the calorie intake but without tiring the body.

These are the recommended meals:

  • breakfast
  • snack
  • lunch
  • snack
  • Dinner
  • snack before bedtime (but well spaced from the time you go to bed)

In short, there is the possibility of eating once more, compared to the more classic and generally recommended variant of the 5 daily meals: 3 main meals plus 2 snacks.

It is very important that meals are high in calories and high in protein. The purpose of this diet is in fact to convert fat into muscle. But, in addition to athletes, it is also recommended for people who need to get back in shape after an illness, who are basically inappetent or who as soon as they start eating already feel a sense of fullness that prevents them from going on with the meal.

In case you want to follow to lose weight, however, it is good to control the portions of individual meals.

To complement the diet, as always, there is proper hydration (drink at least 2 liters of water a day, on the other hand, alcoholic, sugary or carbonated drinks should be avoided) and a moderate but constant one physical activity.

It is also important to chew well every time you eat, in order to promote the work of the stomach.

What to eat and example of menu

The choice of foods for those who follow this diet is very wide, no category of foods is excluded a priori, even if those rich in proteins such as meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheeses are clearly favored.

We present a purely illustrative menu:

  • Breakfast: a cup of coffee with a little sugar, 3/5 toasted slices with jam or 5 biscuits or an omelette with a slice of bread
  • Snack: 50 grams of ham with 60 grams of bread and breadsticks, or a fruit smoothie with toast, or croutons
  • Lunch: 90 grams of pasta or rice with tomato and parmesan and a portion of meat or eggs or fish with vegetables
  • Merenda: toast with ham and cheese, ice cream, parmesan with bread sticks or bread, a slice of omelette
  • Price: soup with pasta or rice, meat or fish, or ham and potatoes
  • Post dinner snack: a yogurt or a sweet pudding or ice cream or milkshake, herbal teas

As always, we recommend that you contact an expert who, based on your constitution and weight loss needs, will be able to suggest the best diet. This is even more important if you suffer from some chronic medical condition such as diabetes.

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