Forget 10 steps - that's how much you should actually walk each day, according to science

    Forget 10 steps - that's how much you should actually walk each day, according to science

    That you need to take 10 thousand steps to stay healthy is a false myth, the ideal could be to walk 7500 or 8000 steps a day.

    Is it really necessary to take 10 thousand steps a day? How far should we walk to stay healthy? We are helped by some research that has examined the benefits of a more or less long walk but done daily.

    It is now known, walking can help reduce the risk of getting sick and improve mental and physical health but the fact that it is necessary to take 10 thousand steps every day is an old myth linked to a particular circumstance and to marketing, as we had explained to you previously. item.

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    In reality, even less is enough to stay healthy while walking. For example, some researchers have found that 7.000 to 8.000 steps per day is a very useful walking range. 

    A 2019 study of older women found that those who walked 4.400 steps a day had lower death rates, over four years of follow-up, than those who walked less (about 2.700 steps a day or less). But the risk reduction seemed to peak at about 7.500 steps a day and the researchers found no additional benefit from walking 10.000 or more steps daily.

    Similarly, a 2020 study found that taking 8.000 to 12.000 steps per day was linked to a lower risk of death from any cause during the study, compared to 4.000 steps per day.

    There are also many other researches that confirm the benefits of much shorter walks but done daily.

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    Together, these studies suggest that moving more can benefit our health but that we don't need to take 10 steps at all, unless our intent is to burn more calories.

    There is some evidence that people who take 10.000 steps a day are more likely to lose weight than those who only take 3.500 steps a day. But this is pretty obvious, considering that walking a few extra kilometers burns more calories.

    However, there is no need to stay too much behind the pedometer, let's just remember to walk every day for at least 30-40 minutes and above all let's enjoy the pleasure of a nice walk alone or in company.

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