Foods that increase memory and concentration

Memory and concentration. Two very important functions of our brain that we need to work but also to better manage everyday life. Some foods help us to strengthen them.

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Memory and concentration. Two very important functions of our brain that we need to work but also to better manage everyday life. Some foods they come to our aid to enhance them.

We told you about it tricks and remedies to stimulate the concentration and some natural solutions such as ginseng and guarana that can help us, among other things, to promote cognitive functions and memory.

However, you can make your brain even more active by supporting it with proper nutrition, here then which foods to include more often:


Dark chocolate

Foods that increase memory and concentration

Dark chocolate has antioxidant qualities and contains natural substances with a stimulating power that can improve the degree of attention. However, we must not exaggerate, just a small picture or two a day.

Nuts and seeds

La dried fruit is rich in essential fatty acids particularly beneficial for brain functions while the seeds are rich in vitamin E with antioxidant power, the intake of these substances is linked to a lower risk of cognitive decline with advancing age. Therefore, they are particularly beneficial foods even when you are still young keep your brain healthy and active.


Include avocado in our diet more often, thanks to the presence of good fats inside this fruit, it helps not to accumulate cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. All blood circulation will improve and consequently the brain will also benefit.


Foods that increase memory and concentration

Blueberries, valuable antioxidant-rich fruits can help protect the brain from damage caused by free radicals and reduce the effects of age-related conditions such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia.


Fish, in particular some types, is rich in Omega 3 essential for good brain health. However, there are also many other plant-based foods rich in Omega 3, so even if you do not consume animal proteins, you can find excellent alternatives to ensure the need for these good fats.


Broccoli are vegetables rich in vitamin C and folic acid but also in vitamin K and choline. All these substances have a positive effect on memory and the degree of attention and concentration. Broccoli may even help prevent Alzheimer's.


Foods that increase memory and concentration

A research a few years ago noted how the intake of turmeric in the dose of 1 gram per day is beneficial for the memory. Regularly adding this spice to your daily breakfast could reduce cognitive impairment in older people but obviously even if you are young you can enjoy the benefits offered by the "queen of spices".

Wheat germ and whole grains

Wheat germ but also whole grains contain vitamin B6 and folate very useful for intellectual functions. Including them in our diet more often allows us to keep focus.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables

Fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables are always healthy and recommended even in case you want to keep the degree of concentration and memory high. Vegetables and fruit, in fact, are rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants which fight the action of free radicals and therefore cellular aging (also of the brain).


We put coffee in last position as if on one side helps focus on the moment in reality, its effect is temporary and some people more sensitive to caffeine may have the disadvantage of having to deal with annoying side effects such as agitation and rapid heartbeat.

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Other useful tips

In addition to inserting the indicated foods more often, you can also use other food-related tricks, but not only, to increase your degree of concentration and memory. Remember for example always have breakfast (without exaggerating to avoid getting too heavy), to add 2 snacks (one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon) to avoid drops in blood sugar and subsequent fatigue but also to eat healthily in general.

They will make your brain more responsive too rest at night for the right hours, drink enough, do exercises to refine thinking and exercise memory but also meditate and relax.

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