Fight your laziness in 1 minute with this foolproof Japanese method

How to improve yourself and fight laziness, one minute at a time, day after day, with the Japanese Kaizen method

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How to improve yourself and fight laziness one minute at a time with the Japanese Kaizen method

The Japanese invented a foolproof method to overcome laziness and to help you improve your daily routine with amazing results. This will make it much easier to achieve your goals, such as living healthier, starting a new diet or exercising regularly. (You may also be interested in: Jean Shin Jyutsu: regain energy in just 15 minutes with this ancient Japanese technique)

The Japanese word Kaizen it means change for the better, continuous improvement. The term was originally coined to indicate the progress made in small steps by Japanese companies in the postwar period, but today it can be easily applied to our daily life. (also read 10 Japanese words almost untranslatable but with a really deep meaning)

The strategy is very simple, just perform the action that you tend to postpone or avoid for 1 minute every day. In this way you begin to get used to the novelty and gradually the unwelcome action will become part of the daily routine and will no longer be a problem.

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What could you do in soli 60 secondthe? For example, if you need to exercise, try doing a series of squats, sit-ups, planks, or try jumping rope. You could also try to tidy up, starting to fold clothes, read a page of a book that interests you, but which you continue to leave closed on the bedside table for lack of time.

Day after day the time you dedicate to your chosen action will naturally increase and, thus, keeping fit or making your home a little tidier than usual, will become easier. For example, gradually, you may begin to practice 5 minutes a day jogging and then 10 until you reach your ideal workout. This way you will have found the time to train almost without realizing it.

Fight your laziness in 1 minute with this foolproof Japanese method

Kaizen for the Japanese has become a philosophy of life which can be easily applied in any sector. To be less lazy, perhaps, we need to learn that we can't get everything right away, but that achieving results requires constant effort that makes us better, day after day.

So we can adopt the metodo Kaizen in any area of ​​our life where we can take a gradual path to get what we want, from better study results to more satisfying sports performance, just to name a few.

Are you ready to overcome laziness and improve your life for at least one minute a day?

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