Fennel diet: what is the diet that deflates the belly and how does it work

What is the fennel diet and how does the diet that would make the belly swell fast?

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What is the fennel diet and how does the diet that promises to quickly deflate the belly work

It favors diuresis and has a truly negligible amount of calories: fennel has always been one of the main foods for those who want to eat something healthy, tasty and light at the same time. And there are those who swear that following a diet based exclusively on this fruit would allow you to lose weight in the blink of an eye. But what does the fennel diet consist of? And does it really work?

What is certain is that the fennel (“Foeniculum vulgare”) has important digestive and aromatic properties, is rich in vitamins A, B and C and minerals and has purifying properties.

It is known in two varieties: fennel Dolce and the bitter one or also called "wild"And its particular flavor, similar toanise, is due to the consistent presence of anethole (about 80%), an essence with which sambuca, pastis, French anisette or anis are made in Spain.


Why include fennel in the diet, all the properties

Beyond an exclusive diet based on fennel (and the term "exclusive" makes it questionable in itself, but we will see it later), it is a good habit to introduce this vegetable in your diet for more than one reason.

If you don't want to put on bacon, it's good to know that as a hunger breaker, fennel, which contains neither starch nor lipids, is a very low calorie vegetable and, due to the fact that it is composed almost entirely of water, it is an excellent diuretic and digestive. On the other hand, fennel can also be useful in case of lack of appetite, because it stimulates the appetite and gastric secretion through the action of its aromatic principles.

1% is made up of proteins, another 1% of ashes and carbohydrates, while 3% of fibers. Among the minerals we find potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc, manganese and selenium, while vitamins are mostly vitamin A, some belonging to group B and vitamin C.

It is rich in flavonoids or phytoestrogens, natural estrogenic substances that have the power to have a balancing effect on female hormone levels, proving useful in stimulating milk production in breastfeeding women and in alleviating menstrual cycle disorders.

The properties of fennel are therefore:

  • depurative
  • digestive
  • diuretic
  • carminative
  • inflammatory
  • improves liver function and is an ally for the well-being of the gastrointestinal system
  • relieves muscle spasms
  • regularizes the menstrual cycle and relieves menopause disorders

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The fennel diet, how it works

Why draining e low in calories, some dieters would recommend introducing fennel into your diet regularly when looking for a flat stomach and quick weight loss.

According to the scheme of the fennel diet, 1300 calories should be consumed daily with an abundance not only of fennel, but of fresh vegetables in general, of infusions based on fennel and 2 liters of water to drink every day.

The fennel diet it should be followed for a maximum of one month and would allow you to lose even 4-5 kg. In the first weeks, in fact, the body gets rid of excess toxins and intestinal gas and the belly would deflate, after which the extra pounds continue to be lost.

The fennel diet involves consumption of at least 300 grams of fennel per day and throughout the day: breakfast includes barley coffee, semi-skimmed milk and cereals every day, while snacks are based on raw fennel or in the form of smoothies accompanied, if desired, by low-fat yogurt and purifying herbal teas.

On a typical day, for example, the menu includes:

Pasta with tomato and basil
Fennel salad

Pureed vegetables and carrots
Omelette with eggs
Fennel cooked with oil

We know that fennel is not the only draining and purifying food. Even the cucumber is able to deflate the belly and lose weight in a short time, as well as a diet based on lemon and grapefruit.

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Lose weight with fennel seeds

Some argue that i fennel seeds aid in weight loss by reducing appetite and keeping hunger away. The seeds would also have the ability to improve nutrient absorption as well reduce the accumulation of fat. However, no studies have been done to support these claims.

However, what seems established is that fennel seeds work as a powerful diuretic and are valid allies in the decrease of fluids in the body.

Basically, in short, fennel seed does not contain any "magical" nutrients that will help us lose weight, but its very low calorie content and its nutrients make it a good addition to any low calorie diet for the line. One tablespoon of fennel seeds has 20 calories, 1 gram of protein, 3 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fiber. It is also a good source of iron and can absorb calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and many B vitamins.

Here you can find all the amazing health benefits of fennel seeds.

Fennel Diet, Does It Really Work?

Like all diets based on the prevalence of a single food, we say no. Unless you want to experience the thrill of the mythical yo-yo effect, what we have left to lose weight, or at least not to put on bacon, is to follow a diet that is extremely varied and rich in all the substances our body needs.

And if at the table we always eat the same food several times a day, we can touch boredom and lead us to look for something else. Finally, the flavor of fennel is in favor of satiety and taste, so by eating it often you will not feel a great sense of satisfaction and will tend to compensate with other foods.
Our advice, therefore, always remains to avoid do-it-yourself diets and to rely on a valid nutritionist who can assure us a new healthy and balanced diet.

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