Feng Shui, space for positive energy

FENG SHUI is the Chinese art that suggests simple ways to organize space in order to obtain balance, well-being and energy.

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Are you worried because it seems that the intimate understanding is KO and you don't know how to do it? Is there a shortage of passion under the sheets and do you want to renew it and encourage it? Are you assailed by catastrophic thoughts? Don't be so pessimistic: all is not lost. Just make thebed environment comfortable and allow it to circulate positive energy. How? Try with the FENG SHUI, Chinese art that suggests simple ways to organize space in order to obtain it equilibrium, well-being and energy.

First of all make sure that the television disappears from the bedroom: come on you can easily imagine how that captivating and engaging screen completely turns off the passion! But not only that: keeping the TV away from the alcove helps to preserve the environment from'electromagnetic pollution; in fact, positive energy is circulated in the space only if they are banished from the night console area, pc, radio, phones etc ... it would even be preferable light up the room with warm candles rather than cold ones electric energy.

To have good Feng Shui it is therefore essential to have a healthy and clean environment: Open windows often, let fresh air circulate and don't keep plants in the bedroom, unless the room is large enough to place them away from the bed.

At night, however, if you do not want to disperse the positive energy, it is good to keep windows and doors closed, even those of the wardrobes: to close the world outside and take refuge in your own world to allow a positive flow of sexual energy.

Remember that sweet nights are spent in two and therefore both partners must be comfortable and at ease in the love nest. Here are some simple tips: Make sure they are there two nightstands and that the layout of the room allows easy access to both sides of the bed. The alcove must be protected and in turn give a sense of protection: this is why it should be away from the door of the house, while it should allow you to keep an eye on that of the room.

And again: i colors of the environment (preferably delicate) and the images contained in it (surely happy and relaxing) influence Feng Shui and consequently your stay in space. Full of positivity, the bed will be the place where you will like to stay and let yourself go to overwhelming loves.

Therefore, make sure that your room is congenial to the good circulation of sexual energy and relaxation; in short, make sure that yours is a "room of peace, harmony, love and passion", as he says Mohan Deep, expert and master of Feng Shui.

I'll tell you more: good Feng Shui it also improves our sleep. Think about it: it is the most important moment of the day, the one in which you recharge the batteries and one where we can let ourselves go completely into our worlds and our way of being. It is how we sleep that decides the whole course of our day: uncomfortable? Tomorrow we will wake up fogged up and with a cold brain. Agitated? Tomorrow we will gladly attack anyone who stands between us and our steps. Sleeping? Tomorrow the double reality of waking and sleeping will be what we will live surrealistically. I assure you: sometimes simply diving under the warm duvet is not enough!

In short, having good Feng Shui in the bedroom it is good for sleep and love. What is missing to be happy?

Eleonora Lauria

Photo: Christopher Barson/Flickr

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