Fat Burning Spices: 10 Amazing Herbs That Can Help You Lose Weight

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Many herbs and spices have been scientifically proven to help fight hunger, speed up metabolism and weight loss

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Many herbs and spices have been scientifically proven to help fight hunger, speed up metabolism and weight loss. These are the best

Get back in shape by going through the spice cabinet! Herbs, roots and aromas that we use to give flavor and color to our dishes can really help us lose weight, especially if they are used instead of salt, or almost. It has been shown, in fact, like some spices,, are able to speed up metabolism and to keep the level of the blood cholesterol and, if accompanied by a balanced diet and regular physical activity, concretely help you get back in shape.

We show you ten, among which you can choose for the preparation of infusions capable of promoting digestion or to enrich your dishes with flavor, while benefiting from their health properties.



Cinnamon is an aromatic spice obtained from the inner bark of trees of the Cinnamomum genus. Rich in antioxidants, it is considered a spice with an effective action in improving fat metabolism. It has the ability to reduce the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It also enjoys properties that allow it to tkeep blood sugar concentrations at bay, contrasting hyperglycemia and diabetes. Scientific studies on patients with pre-diabetes have shown cinnamon's ability to lower blood sugar levels and reduce appetite. (Read also: Cinnamon: the 10 surprising benefits for our health)


Il cumin is a spice obtained from the dried and ground seeds of Cuminum cyminum, a flowering plant of the parsley family. It is well known for its distinct nutty flavor, but is also packed with health benefits, including the potential to accelerate weight loss and burn fat. Cumin is considered to be in grade di stimulate our metabolism: an eight-week study reported that adults who took a cumin supplement three times a day lost 1 kg more than those who took a placebo. It also possesses the ability to reduce fermentation phenomena which can occur during the digestion of some foods, with particular reference to foods rich in sugars, carbohydrates and yeasts. Cumin seeds can be used for the preparation of herbal teas and infusions that stimulate digestion and reduce abdominal swelling, as well as to flavor various dishes.


Lo ginger is a spice obtained from the rhizome of the flowering ginger plant, Zingiber officinale, considered an almost miraculous spice by traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It is a strong food purifying properties, which can be taken both fresh and in powder form and which is considered capable of contributing to the reduction of cellulite, swelling and stagnation. Favors the digestion, fights heartburn and can be used for the preparation of infusions indicated both to stimulate the proper functioning of the digestive system and to fight colds. But also help you lose weight: A review of 14 human studies showed that supplementing with ginger significantly reduced both body weight and belly fat. A conclusion that was also reached by another review of 27 studies that confirmed the ability of ginger to help reduce weight, increase metabolism and fat burning (Read also How to lose weight with ginger)


Turmeric is a spice revered for its flavor, vibrant color, and powerful medicinal properties. Most of its health benefits are attributed to the presence of curcumin, a chemical that has been extensively researched for its effects on everything from inflammation to weight loss. In fact, scientific studies have shown how its intake can contribute to counteracting the excessive accumulation of fats in adipose tissues. It should be borne in mind, however, that most of the studies conducted use a concentrated amount of curcumin, much greater than the amount found in a typical dose of turmeric. In powder form it can be used for the preparation of risotto, in place of saffron, and for the preparation of draining and energizing bath salts in addition to coarse salt. (Also Read: How To Lose Weight With Turmeric)


It is probably the best known and most used spice with a fat-burning action, due to its ability to stimulate the body's digestive and purifying processes. Its capsaicin content makes it capable of curb appetite and speed up metabolism. It is also hypothesized that chilli is able to act on fat deposits by mobilizing them and favoring their use by the body for the production of the energy necessary for its functioning. Another study showed how eating a meal containing capsaicin reduces the levels of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for stimulating hunger (Read also Chilli: 7 alternative uses)

black pepper

Black pepper is a common domestic spice derived from the dried fruit of the Piper nigrum, a flowering vine native to India. Used all over the world to flavor dishes, its many properties are often ignored. Many do not know that for its content of piperine(the substance that gives the characteristic pungent flavor) black pepper is believed to be capable of stimulate metabolism and thermogenesi favoring the slimming and body weight control. Another study highlighted the ability of piperine to effectively inhibit the formation of fat cells. Who should not exceed in its consumption suffer from hypertension, ulcer and gastritis.


Gingseng is a plant with beneficial properties for health, often considered a staple in traditional Chinese medicine. It can be classified into several types, including Korean, Chinese, and American, all of which belong to the same genus of ginseng plants. Many studies have suggested that this potent plant could aid weight loss. 

Ginseng is considered an herb with slimming properties, able to help keep blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels in the blood under control and able to improve the intestinal microbiota. Gingseng works as a metabolic stimulant and as an energizing food. Furthermore, a study has shown how it can alter the formation of fat, delaying its absorption. For this reason it is often recommended as a slimming aid, as long as it is accompanied by a balanced diet and regular physical activity.


Il cardamom è is a very valuable spice, obtained from the seeds of a plant of the ginger family. It is used all over the world both in cooking and in pastry, but it is also a spice with slimming properties, as it would be able to accelerate and stimulate the metabolic functions carried out by the body. Although most of the research on the slimming properties of cardamom is limited to animal studies, this spice has been shown to be particularly effective in reducing both abdominal fat and total body fat. The cardamom is consumed i semi, which can be chewed directly, used to flavor homemade desserts or vegetable dishes, or used for preparation of infusions and herbal teas in able to promote digestion.


Similarly to ginger and turmeric, saffron is able to carry out a positive action in accelerating metabolism and promoting digestive functions, as well as containing precious antioxidant substances. It can be used as an ingredient in pasta and risotto sauce, as an additional element in the preparation of biscuits or breadsticks and as a flavoring for vegetable broths, soups and veloutées.


Dill is one aromatic plant spontaneous native of northern Europe. It is considered capable of carrying out an action diuretic and detoxifying. Its flavor may come in part close to that of mint, partly to that of anise. In herbal medicine, the seeds are used for the preparation of infusions recommended to facilitate digestion, in case of stomach cramps, to calm hiccups as well as to contribute to the proper performance of metabolic functions by the body.

How to use spices safely

When used as a condiment, most herbs and spices present a minimal risk of side effects. In supplement form, it is best to stick to the recommended dosage to avoid unwanted reactions. Also, if you have any underlying medical condition or are taking medications, it's best to talk to your doctor before starting any supplements.

If any adverse side effects or food allergy symptoms occur, discontinue use immediately and speak to a trusted physician.

To conclude, diversifying your spice cabinet is a simple and easy way to increase weight loss with minimal effort. Be sure, though, to combine these herbs with a complete, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to get the most of your weight loss money.

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