Fasting: strengthens the immune system and makes you live better and longer

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Assisted fasting therapy is useful for strengthening our immune system, confirmation comes from science

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A topic very dear to hygienism (a naturopathic current of thought) that has been talking about it for a long time is back to the fore. This is the practice of therapeutic fasting whose benefits are now also confirmed by science.

In the common mentality, fasting is something negative, we usually don't eat when we are sick or when something is wrong. Sometimes we force ourselves to eat because it is good for us. Today, however, we want to overturn these beliefs for a moment speaking of the practice of fasting which instead wants to be a moment of pause for our organism always busy in its functions including that of digesting (often among other things very heavy foods that require a long process).

However, by not eating, and therefore not having to digest, our body can devote itself to even more important things, such as the good health of our immune system. Fasting, in fact, helps to strengthen it, this is what it has scientifically proven Valter Longo, Director of the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California who wanted to analyze the effects of 4 days of assisted fasting on the immune defenses of a group of volunteers.

In fact the research, published in Cell Stem Cell, is part of a larger study started on yeasts, continued on mice and now finally landed on human experimentation. The results of the latter confirmed things that had already been highlighted in the previous ones. Thanks to fasting: "the immune system gets rid of useless, unnecessary cells, while it is pushed to put into action in a natural way, as it happened in the moments of birth and growth, the stem cells capable of ensuring regeneration" said Longo .

Yes to fasting, therefore, capable of make our body more alert and strong but on condition that it is assisted by specialists. According to Longo's studies, excellent results are also obtained on elderly patients or cancer patients: "We potentially believe that this practice on food favors the elimination of abnormal cells, precursors of cancer cells".

Longo's team will soon be involved in further research which will be attended by volunteers between 20 and 70 years who will undergo 2 fasting cycles of 4-5 days per month.

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