Extra virgin olive oil prevents colon cancer

    Extra virgin olive oil prevents colon cancer

    Extra virgin olive oil is said to be able to stimulate CNR1, a gene capable of suppressing cancer cells, particularly those of colon cancer. Therefore useful as a prevention that we can put on the table every day

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    Typical of our country, good, beneficial and rich in properties is theextra virgin olive oil we talk about regularly as new research confirms its excellent health characteristics, always taking a step further in understanding what are the real benefits of consuming this "good fat". New research has now revealed that olive oil is also useful in colon cancer prevention.

    The study, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry and born from the collaboration between Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, University of Teramo, University of Camerino and Karolinska Institutet of Stockholm, has for the first time highlighted what the mechanisms are thanks to which this oil is able to act preventively against the tumor, lowering the risk of getting sick.

    This would be possible thanks to his ability to stimulate CNR1, a gene capable of suppressing cancer cells.

    The speech he made Mauro Maccarrone, one of the lead authors of the research together with Claudio D'Addario, starts from this discovery but becomes wider and we can only share it: "Our study strengthens the confidence that an appropriate diet can help prevent cancer, but also other widespread diseases, such as neurological disorders, obesity and diabetes. The results obtained also show that epigenetic changes, ie those deriving from environmental factors and, therefore, from nutrition, are potentially reversible ".

    It has therefore been scientifically proven that food is able to act on genes creating very important modifications in our body. We should keep this in mind more often when choosing what to bring to the table!

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