Exposure of new mothers to Pfas reduces the nourishing power of breast milk and affects the health of babies. I study

According to a new study, exposure to Pfas reduces unsaturated fat in breast milk and increases saturated fat.

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According to a recent study, exposure to Pfas makes the breast milk less nutritious, with consequences on the development and health of the little ones.

The research involved forty-four Finnish breastfeeding women. From the analyzes it emerged that the composition of breast milk in women exposed to Pfas is modified, with an increase of saturated fats and a decrease in unsaturated fat.

The consequent worsening of nutritional qualities of milk of mothers exposed to Pfas could be linked to a less balanced microbiota in infants and slower development in infants.

Pfas stands for Perfluoroalkyl substances, perfluoroalkyl substances, i.e. molecules that contain fluorine atoms. It is a group of substances used in different sectors: they are used in fertilizers used in agriculture, in packaging, in numerous products for personal hygiene and house cleaning, in textiles and kitchen utensils.

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The fact that they are everywhere and that they are very persistent in the environment, makes exposure to these substances more likely. Exposure to Pfas, by inhalation or ingestion, is linked to the reduction of the immune defenses, to hormonal alterations and to the onset of various diseases, including tumors.

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This new study highlights how in pregnancy and during thenursing the presence of Pfas in the environment is even more dangerous and raises the need to regulate the use of these substances, prohibiting it when not essential.

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Reference source: Science Direct

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