Expand your awareness and ground yourself in the present by practicing this simple 3-step exercise every day

This simple 3-step exercise will help you expand your awareness if practiced every day for a few minutes

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If your mind is constantly wandering and it is extremely difficult for you to focus on the present, at the expense of awareness, this exercise could be very useful for you.

This was suggested by neuroscientist and psychology professor Amishi Jha, Ph.D. during the mindbodygreen podcast, according to which this simple three-step practice, which are called "Torch", "Projector" and "Juggler", it helps to pay attention to the breath and to control our attention systems.

It only takes a few minutes every day, in his opinion, to gradually strengthen concentration and reduce the tendency of the mind to wander. All for the benefit of our well-being. 

Let's see how the three phases work and how to put the exercise into practice in everyday life.


The torch

The first step is “The torch”, which basically consists of one conscious breathing. In this first phase we must think of attention as if it were a torch, which we voluntarily direct towards the sensations related to breathing. 

All that needs to be done, explains Jha, is to sit comfortably and close your eyes, then focus attention on the sensations we experience as we breathe. But be careful, we don't have to control the breath, just observe it. 

The projector

The second phase of the exercise takes the name of "projector", which Jha defines the opposite of the torch. In this case we need to check where our mind is at any given moment. It is the capacity of attention, which allows us to notice, and therefore to become aware, of when the mind begins to wander away from the torch. 

The juggler

The last phase of the exercise proposed by Jha takes the name of "juggler" and refers to our executive functions. Jha explains that the executive's job is to supervise homework, exactly what the juggler has to do when he notices his mind is wandering, bringing it back to his goal. On a practical level then, if you realize that the mind is elsewhere, bring it back "to work".

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