Excessive Copper Levels: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

In small doses, copper is essential for our well-being, but when it accumulates it becomes toxic and can lead to the appearance of some symptoms.

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Il copper it is an element essential for our body: it is used to produce energy, form collagen, it is useful for the immune functions, for the nervous and cardiovascular system, for the fertility of the woman and much more. It is therefore evident how important its presence is in our body, but in the right doses, an excess of copper in fact tends to accumulate and becomes toxic.

You may be deficient in copper and experience symptoms such as chronic fatigue, depression, hypertension but more often you are in the opposite situation, that is, you have excessive levels of copper which can lead to a wide range of symptoms and conditions of a psychological or physical nature.


What can be the causes of an excess of this trace element? The list is quite long and includes:

Drink water from the water supply with copper parts
• Use of copper pots
Zinc deficiency (this mineral is in fact very important to balance copper).
Vitamin C deficiency, B vitamins, mineral salts such as iron, selenium, chromium, manganese and molybdenum
• Imbalances in the adrenal glands or liver
Presence of other heavy metals in the body such as mercury and cadmium
• Taking birth control pills

Generally the most frequent causes of copper accumulation in the body are a diet particularly rich in foods that contain copper at the expense of those that contain zinc and consumption of copper-contaminated water due to plumbing, recently, among other things, a research has linked the use of this water to the growth of some types of cancer.


An excess of copper in the body can lead to aexcessive stimulation of the nervous system and problems related to the organs where it tends to accumulate more: liver, brain e reproductive organs. Therefore, symptoms such as:

• States of chronic anxiety
• Bipolar disorder
• Depression
• Schizophrenia
• Hyperactivity
• Learning disabilities
• Tourette's syndrome
• Sexual problems
• Premestural syndrome
• Hypothyroidism
• Excessive hair loss

Of course it comes to symptoms that are not always easy to link to a buildup of copper, as they can be associated with several other issues. You necessarily need the help of a doctor and specific tests to evaluate the possible presence of high copper values.


When you detox from copper, as often happens during heavy metal detox, it can happen that your condition initially worsens and you experience headaches, mood swings, digestive problems, a sense of heaviness or other. This is because the toxins are initially circulated before they can be properly disposed of by the body. It would therefore always be important to be followed by an expert even in this phase and to implement some of the following strategies:

Understanding the source that caused the copper buildup and delete it
• Increase your intake of foods rich in zinc
• Reduce the intake of foods rich in copper (chocolate, shrimp, coffee, etc.)
• Increase the copper antagonists: Vitamin C, B vitamins, selenium, molybdenum, manganese
Drink a lot of water
• Help yourself with saunas and activities that increase sweating
• Taking baths with Epsom salts
• Take Chlorella, Coriander or other natural remedies useful for detoxifying from metals

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