Ethylene oxide: new maxi call for Nuii and Milka ice creams and gluten free muffin mixes

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Another recall of ice cream and muffin preparations was ordered by the Ministry of Health due to the presence of ethylene oxide.

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

New maxi call of food products by the Ministry of Health due to the presence of ethylene oxide.

This time the alert concerns the Nuii and Milk ice cream produced by Froneri Polska and Froneri Schoeller and the Molino Merano muffin mix. In both cases, the recall was prepared for the presence of carob flour which could contain traces of ethylene oxide.

Ministry of Health

As regards the ice creams object of the recall are:

  • gelato Nuii with white chocolate and cranberries Scandinavian, lots MI0098 and MI0099 with expiry - 04/2023; 04/2023
  • Java almond and vanilla ice cream, lots UE1172 UE1123, UE1124, UE1125, UE1127, UE1128, UE1130, UE1131, UE1132, UE1137, UE1138 with expiry 05/2023, lots i UE1162, UE1163, UE1165, UE1166, UE1167, UE1172 with expiry 06 / 2023 elotti UE1193, UE1194, UE1195 expiring 07/2023
  • gelato Nuii salted hazelnuts and Tanzanian coffee, lots MI0046, MI0049, MI0050, MI0051 with maturity 02/2022, lots MI9332 MI9333 with maturity 11/2021, lots MI0126, MI0128, MI0152, MI0153, MI0160, MI0161 with maturity 06/2022, lots MI1101, MI1102, MI1103, MI1104 with expiry 04/2023 and lots MI9339, MI9340 with expiry 12/2021
  • gelato Nuii coconut and mango, lots MI1127 and MI1128 with expiry 05/2023
  • Gelato New mini sticks, mixed flavors, lots MI1081 with expiry 03/2023;, lots MI115, MI116; MI117) with expiry 04/2023, lots MI1155, MI1156 with expiry 06/2023
  • elated Milka mini cones, packs of 140 grams lots OS1042 with expiration 05/2022, lots OS1073, OS1074, OS1075, OS1076, OS1077) with expiration 06/2022, lots OS1110, OS1111, OS1112, OS1113, OS1114 with expiration 07/2022, lots OS1152, OS1153 , OS1154, OS1165, OS1166, OS1167 expiring 09/2022
  • gelato Milka vanilla and chocolate, packs of 319 grams, lots OS1035, OS1036, OS1039 with expiry 08/2022, lots OS1084, OS1085 with expiry 09/2022, lots OS1106, OS1107 with expiry 10/2022 and lots OS1131, OS1132, OS1147, OS1148 with expiry 11 / 2022

The Molino Merano muffin preparation recalled is instead identifiable by lot number 00095312 with expiry March 23, 2022. The recalled packs are those of 500 grams of preparation for gluten free muffins.

Ministry of Health

THEethylene oxide it is a substance used both as a pesticide and to sterilize stored food. Its use is banned in Europe due to its toxicity, but is still permitted in several other countries. The Ministry recommends not consuming the products subject to these new recalls.

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Reference source: Ministry of Health

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