Esselunga recalls the jars of Delizie di Calabria sauce

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The jars were voluntarily withdrawn from Esselunga as a precaution: after a check they were not properly closed

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Esselunga drew a batch of the brand's “Garlic, oil and Calabrian chilli” sauce Delights of Calabria.

The supermarket voluntarily issued the recall notice to precautionary purpose, following a check on the products stored in the warehouse.

From the inspection of the samples it was found that some jars of preserves they were not closed properly due to a malfunction of the capper.

The affected jars belong to the lotto LJ142B: these are packs of 18 grams with deadline 22/11/2021. The information is printed on the glass of the product.

The product was immediately withdrawn from sale e it is no longer present on the shelves.
The company Delizie di Calabria Srl, after having apologized, invited consumers to return the purchased jars: customers will get the replacement of the product even if they no longer have the receipt.

For information, you can contact the Quality Office at 0961-63507

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