Energy drink: it is forbidden to write on the label that improve concentration and attention

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No to indications that enhance the properties of caffeine and sugar on the packaging of energy drinks

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No to the indications that exalt the properties of caffeine and sugar on energy drink packaging. The European Parliament vetoes the Commission's proposal which would allow the use of claims on the most attractive properties of energy drinks: those of keeping awake and increasing concentration.

Therefore, ban on phrases such as "increase the ability to pay attention or concentration" in drinks that contain caffeine and sugars. The risk for the PE would be to encourage its consumption among the youngest, favoring childhood obesity: “it could be harmful to the growth of children and adolescents”, say the EU MPs.


A 250 ml can, in fact, can hold up to 27g of sugar and 80mg of caffeine, according to studies, 68% of adolescents and 18% of children regularly consume energy drinks.


“From the statistics we know that many young people, even children, drink many of these energy drinks. It's not just the caffeine, energy drinks also contain a lot of sugar. We are not saying that adults shouldn't drink coffee or energy drinks, but we don't want to help companies earn huge profits for an indication that we believe are unsuitable for children, "he said. Christel Schaldemose of the Socialists and Democrats.

Having too many drinks of this type can lead to headaches, sleep disturbances, but above all, excessive amounts of sugar and caffeine compromise health and healthy growth. For this reason, in addition to saying no to the energizing virtues on the label, the European Parliament asks Member States to consider introducing marketing rules of products containing these ingredients.

"The warnings relating to the risks shown on the packaging they are often ignored while the code of conduct of industries, which in any case is not mandatory, only commits them not to sell energy drinks to children under the age of 12. But the range who loves these drinks the most is between 10 and 18, and 20% of teens have confirmed they use them, he said. Lynn Boylan MEP of the left group Gue / Ngl.

The veto on the new requests was adopted by a show of hands, the deputies specify that the indications that caffeine contributes to increasing mental clarity and helps improve concentration should not be used for any food intended for children and adolescents.

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