Effective remedies for cellulite

Cellulite! He does not look at anyone in the face: it also affects people who tend to be thin, far from overweight - but generally goes hand in hand with fat accumulation. What to do?

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Orange peel skin on thighs and buttocks. Irregular fat pads on the abdomen and hips. Strained circulation and heavy legs. This is the perfect identikit of the imperfection most hated by the female world (... and not only): cellulite! He does not look at anyone in the face: it also affects people who tend to be thin, far from overweight - but generally goes hand in hand with fat accumulation. What to do?

Are there any techniques and natural remedies that really work? The answer is yes - if and only if - they are adopted in synergy and with some precautions. Let's take an example: spreading the latest miraculous anti-cellulite cream on the market on us could perhaps improve the most superficial texture of the epidermis, but it will not go further.

The real battle against cellulite must be fought from within. Its origin is in fact in the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin. It is there that the fat cells swell, compact to each other and, by crushing it, send the microcirculation in tilt: therefore it becomes more difficult to remove metabolic waste, toxins and excess fluids which, remaining “trapped” in traffic, make things worse.

The inflammatory state, at this point, is guaranteed. That's right: under every cellulite there is achronic inflammation. Even the passage of oxygen and nutrients to the more superficial tissues is difficult, which is why they appear gray and dull.

What caused the sudden stagnation of fluids and swollen fat cells? There can be many causes, often a combination of factors: sedentary lifestyle, smoking, drugs, poor eating habits and insufficient hydration, pollution, stress… How many concern you? Awareness is a first and fundamental step forward.

Having shed some light on its root causes, it's time to move on to practice: what really works to permanently eliminate cellulite? Grab a pen and paper, we have a plan for you that works from the inside.


Anti-cellulite plan that works

If you want to say bye bye to orange peel skin, you need a plan that addresses it at 360 degrees, without neglecting some important details. Here we will guide you step by step to the 3 anti-cellulite techniques to which you will have to pay attention for at least 3/6 consecutive months. The results will not be long, if all are applied, in synergy with each other, on the other hand we know that unity is strength.

Anti-cellulite nutrition

The rules of a good anti-cellulite diet are the same as those of a healthy diet: bring to the table lots of vegetables, fruit and legumes, seeds and whole grains. Stay away from dairy, sweets and refined products, pre-cooked / prepackaged foods, alcohol and coffee.

In the pantry, replace refined sugar and salt with raw, whole-grain ones. To season your dishes, limit the salt as much as possible: it is the worst enemy of a cellulite diet. Instead, you can use spices, raw extra virgin olive oil and lemon to flavor dishes.

In the morning, drink a scoop of juice superfruits, a category of fruit with remarkable beneficial properties for health. The most suitable as an antioxidant, anti-aging and regenerating elixir for tissues are: the Maqui of Patagonia (the king of antioxidants, anti-aging par excellence), the Goji Tibetan (with immunostimulating and regenerating properties) andAcai of the Amazon (the best friend of heart and circulation).

During the day, drink at least 2 liters of warm or room temperature water, preferably between meals. A good hydration it is essential to purify yourself in depth and restore microcirculation.

Food integration

We have said that the game against cellulite must be played from the inside: nutrition and integration are the two main keys to speed up your metabolism, detoxify and fight inflammation. A good anti-cellulite plan requires the intake of at least two food supplements studied ad hoc.

The first must contain plants such as Pilosella, Birch, Ash, Hibiscus and Ortosiphon (as in Diuresan FP Salugea). They will help you purify yourself deeply, detoxify your body and ward off water retention.

Take these plants in combination with a second specific anti-cellulite supplement such as Biosnel FP Salugea, based on plant extracts of Centella, Garcinia Cambogia, Pineapple, Red Vine and Gynostemma: these plants promote connective drainage (it is a very deep and targeted drainage), the metabolism of fats and the control of the sense of hunger, support the microcirculation and have a targeted anti-cellulite action.

A non-negligible detail: read the well ingredients list. The same plant extract, such as that of Garcinia, can be present in different forms (of different effectiveness) within a capsule supplement, here are the most common:

  • Garcinia (Garcinia cambogia Desr.) Peel of the fruit dust.: I have no guarantee of the presence of the effective active ingredient (POOR QUALITY)
  • Garcinia (Garcinia cambogia Desr.) Peel of the fruit it's 1:4: the active ingredient is present and concentrated (MEDIUM QUALITY
  • Garcinia (Garcinia cambogia Desr.) Peel of the fruit eg tit. 60% ac. Hydroxycitric: in this case I guarantee the certain and defined presence of the effective active ingredient - hydroxycitric acid - the molecule of Garcinia that promotes the metabolism of lipids and the control of the sense of hunger (EXCELLENT QUALITY)

- titrated dry extracts they are the only ones able to guarantee the certain and constant presence of the effective active ingredients inside. Last but not least: always choose supplements stored in dark glass pharmaceutical grade (no plastic), the only way to protect and guarantee product quality over time.

Targeted physical exercise

We recommend 40 minutes a day of brisk walking uphill (in the gym or, if you have the opportunity, outdoors) - to alternate with targeted exercises: squats and lunges.

Why are we talking about walking and not running? Because running tends to create micro-traumas to the microcirculation with each skipped step, and could worsen the inflammation underlying cellulite. Walking, on the other hand, is the most suitable physical activity because it stimulates the blood pump that pushes the blood from the bottom towards the other, to the benefit of venous and lymphatic circulation.

Now that you know everything you need to get rid of cellulite, declare war immediately: it takes an average of three months of consistency in nutrition, integration and targeted physical activity to achieve good results, and welcome your new silhouette!

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