Edible spoons to reduce bar and takeaway waste (VIDEO)

Plastic waste represents one of the most serious pollution problems on the planet because it is not always recyclable. How many plastic spoons and cutlery are used and thrown shortly after every day in bars and takeaways around the world? Edible teaspoons could be a solution.

I plastic waste they represent one of the most serious problems for the pollution of the planet because they are not always recyclable and because they are often disposable. How many plastic spoons and cutlery are used and thrown shortly after each day in bars and in the bars takeaways of all the world? THE edible teaspoons they could be an alternative.

I disposable spoons are becoming a threat to the environment as are all disposable cutlery and crockery. Given the urgency of the situation, in India the idea was born of introducing edible spoons in bars and takeaways as an alternative to reduce the accumulation of disposable waste in record time.

Narayana Peesapaty, founder of Bakeys, has already sold 1 million spoons and teaspoons made with rice, millet and wheat flour and has now launched a Kickstarter campaign to expand the project from India to the whole world.

Il crowdfunding it is having a lot of success, so much so that about two weeks after the end of the campaign, four times the amount hoped for at the start, which was equal to 20 thousand dollars, has already been collected.

In India they are used at least 120 billion plastic cutlery and crockery every year. Hence the inspiration to create something new. These spoons are good for both drinks and hot dishes and desserts. They are suitable for soups and are offered in both sweet and savory versions.

For example, there are gods spiced edible teaspoons in different flavors: ginger, cumin, celery, pepper, carrot and more. There are also gods edible teaspoons with a neutral taste, suitable for any dish. The edible spoons I am vegan, they do not contain GMOs but at least for the moment they are not gluten-free, since among the ingredients they include wheat flour.

An offer of 10 dollars allows you to receive 100 edible spoons, which are designed for ordinary citizens but above all for bars, takeaways and all possible refreshment points that use disposable cutlery.

Think edible spoons are a good idea to reduce waste?

Marta Albè

Photo source: Bakeys

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