Eat more fiber to reduce the risk of this liver disease

In fact, a study has identified the foods that most help keep away a liver disease that afflicts a quarter of Americans

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In fact, a new study has identified the foods that most help ward off a liver disease that afflicts a quarter of Americans

Believe it or not, alcohol is not the main damage to our liver, but our diet. In fact, there is a liver disease that affects about 25% of the adult American population and that is not in any way related to alcohol intake, but to what patients usually eat: it is called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (in English Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease or NAFLD) and is characterized by presence of fat inside the liver (which can also lead to organ enlargement). In many cases the disease shows no symptoms, otherwise it is characterized by pain in the right side of the abdomen, feelings of tiredness and fatigue, weight loss, yellowing of the skin and inside of the eyes (known as jaundice).

A recent study, conducted in the United States, has identified a list of foods that are particularly good (along with a list of highly harmful ones) for our liver, avoiding the risk of this disease. The researchers conducted an interview on a sample of 1.682 participants (men and women) aged between 60 and 77 asking to talk about their daily eating habits.

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After the interview, the participants underwent magnetic resonance imaging, to measure liver fat, and axial X-ray densitometry, to determine overall body fat levels. These tests showed that liver fat levels were on average higher in participants who reported a lot of saturated fat, red and processed meats, and coffee. In contrast, liver fat levels were lower in participants whose diets were characterized by foods rich in vitamins and fiber.

This is because the fibers, in addition to being a key ally in the prevention of inflammation and other chronic ailments, they help purify the body and promote the proper functioning of our digestive system and the health of the intestine. In addition to this, foods rich in fiber - such as vegetables, fruit and whole grains - are low in 'bad' fats and therefore do not tire the liver, leading to the onset of fatty liver.

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Fonte: Journal of Nutrition

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