Easter: 10 vegetarian alternatives to lamb

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For a bloodless Easter and not to personally contribute to the slaughter of lambs that every year brings with it, here are 10 ideas of alternative vegetarian second courses to the traditional lamb to be served on Sunday lunch.


Arrives Easter and like every year we would like to avoid in every way the slaughter of lambs which takes place on the occasion of this feast. We do it our way, offering you many alternatives for one tasty second course but vegetable to bring to the table and share with relatives and friends.

If you have not yet decided on the Easter menu, you can take a cue from our recipes to make a great impression with your guests by serving genuine dishes without animal proteins.

Here are some tasty ideas:


Vegetarian roast

The vegetarian roast is a great alternative to meat and can be prepared in many ways according to your tastes. The ingredients used can be different: vegetables and legumes but also seitan, dried fruit or mushrooms. There are several variations that can also be experimented based on the seasonality of the products.

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Vegetarian meatloaf

For meatloaf lovers we offer this vegetarian version based on potatoes and lentils to be served with a tasty homemade sweet and sour sauce. A very original recipe that will surely be a great success and that can also be served to children.

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Meatloaf of potatoes and chickpeas

Another alternative meatloaf is the one based on potatoes and chickpeas which can be given the shape you prefer (here you can see it in the “fake fish” version, following the well-known recipe based on tuna and potatoes). The preparation is very simple and the meatloaf can be decorated in a nice and scenographic way, also accompanying it with homemade veg mayonnaise.

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Artichoke Parmigiana

Instead of the classic eggplant parmigiana, vegetables that have not yet returned to the season at Easter, you can try a variant based on artichokes. What we propose is a white, light and tasty parmigiana to be accompanied, for example, with a nice glass of white wine.

Gateu or potato pie

A classic of the classics that can also be appreciated at Easter is the potato pie, that is a flan that in addition to the basic ingredient can be enriched with seasonal vegetables or condiments of your choice. It is also possible to prepare it in a completely vegetable version by eliminating eggs and cheeses.

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Plumcake or salty danube

We usually think of plumcakes or danube as exclusively sweet recipes, in reality there are many savory variations suitable for all tastes. The plumcake can be prepared by combining the flour with various seasonal vegetables, potatoes, cheeses (including vegetables), legumes, olives, nuts or other ingredients of your choice. For the danube, on the other hand, it is enough to replace the filling of the brioche dough with vegetables and possibly cheeses. Here, for example, the danube recipe stuffed with ricotta and spinach

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Stuffed vegetables

An idea for a second and unique side dish can then be to prepare stuffed vegetables. There are many vegetables in every season that lend themselves to being stuffed with the most varied ingredients. At Easter you can offer, for example, stuffed artichokes, stuffed potatoes or stuffed onions.

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Savory pies

At Easter you can prepare an original, completely homemade savory pie starting from puff pastry. The vegetable filling can be variable according to your tastes and those of your guests. You can use for example radicchio, potatoes, spinach, etc. and also give it original shapes such as spiral or sunflower.

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Vegetable meatballs

Good and practical to eat are the vegetable meatballs that will delight adults and children. After choosing your ideal recipe for Easter (many are based on legumes of various kinds, seitan, tofu, cereals or pseudocereals and vegetables) you can enrich it and accompany it with homemade sauces that will make it even more tasty and appetizing.

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Vegetarian rolls

Who said that rolls have to be meat-based? To prepare them you can use many types of vegetables such as cabbage and potatoes, zucchini, cabbage leaves and the filling can always be based on vegetables but also on rice, seitan or other ingredients of your own taste.

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