Dry skin: carrots, avocados and other home remedies to moisturize the skin

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Practical, inexpensive and found in almost any kitchen, these foods are excellent remedies for dry skin

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Winter is now coming to an end, but although the days are becoming milder and wherever the first flowers of spring bloom, our skin is affected by the change of season. Redness, chapped skin and various discomfort are not pleasant at all, but for those with dry skin they do not necessarily have to resign themselves to the purchase of pharmaceutical products that have little or nothing natural; sometimes many foods that we have at home or that are easily available can be miraculous for the care of the body.

Let's call them grandma's remedies, home remedies or whatever we like, but one thing is certain: nature provides us with everything we need to take care of our skin in a healthy and ecological way. These are just a few examples:



Those who did not eat carrots as a child knowing that they were good not only for the eyes, but also for bones, development, the immune system and much more. Carrots are very rich in vitamin A and this vitamin is a real cure-all for the skin. An easy way to prepare a carrot mask is to chop them very finely, adding a few drops of sweet almond oil or olive oil. If, on the other hand, you have an extractor then the game is done because with the juice you can prepare a phenomenal tonic to leave on for at least 20 minutes. Your skin will thank you.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are perfect for nourishing the skin and undoubtedly stand out among these quark and yogurt, two great classics perfect even in summer to soothe sunburn. Dairy products moisturize the skin and have an anti-inflammatory effect thanks to their lactic bacteria. A winning combination against dry skin is quark-cucumber or yogurt-cucumber which can be combined to make super masks with other ingredients as well.

wheat bran

It is a waste product from flour production, but for the skin the bran can solve many problems, being rich in minerals, antioxidants, vitamins of the B and E complex and suitable for both young and more mature skin. Bran can be added to fresh avocado and yogurt-based masks or used as a scrub, being very restorative.


Avocado and its miraculous oil are one of the perfect remedies for dry skin, able to deeply nourish and make the skin soft and supple thanks to its many fats, but also antioxidants, vitamins A and E etc. This portentous fruit should be consumed sparingly, which is why half or less can be used for the preparation of a mask for the face, but also for the hair. (Read also: Avocado: scientifically proven properties, uses and secrets you don't expect)

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