Dry brushing: a small gesture with enormous benefits

Dry brushing or dry brushing is a practice that consists in massaging your body with a strictly natural fiber brush.

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Stimulates the glandular and lymphatic system, improves blood circulation, eliminates swelling, counteracts cellulite, tones the skin making it more compact and homogeneous, stabilizes peristalsis and kidney and liver function, relaxes the muscles, relaxes the nervous system, increases the immune system, regulates the circadian cycle and increases the energy level.

This is not a new, prodigious drug, but a dry brushing or dry brushing, a practice that consists in massaging your body with a rigorously made brush natural fibers.

It is amazing to think about what and how many enormous health benefits can be experienced simply by rubbing the body for a few minutes a day with a brush.

La brushing it is a truly surprising method precisely because it is capable of combining extraordinary effectiveness and absolute simplicity. By acting on the epithelial tissue, in fact, a series of external but also endogenous processes are triggered that are extremely beneficial for our health with positive effects on general well-being.


The skin, in fact, together with the colon, liver, kidneys and lungs, is one of the five organs through which we expel toxins and we purify our body. However, since the epidermis is a particularly large organ, it is able to expel 1/3 of the waste and toxins produced in excess. Brushing is more than just a peeling or scrub. Its results are not purely aesthetic, as in the case of the aforementioned mechanical techniques, but rather involve the health of the subject at 360 degrees, promoting a real holistic well-being. Unlike the scrub, brushing acts on the nerve endings, according to the same principles as acupuncture. READ also: 5 DO-IT-YOURSELF VEGAN BODY SCRUBS AND EXFOLIATORS FOR HOLIDAY SKIN Dry brushing: a small gesture with enormous benefits Furthermore, by operating on the skin it is also possible to affect the endocrine system, responsible for the functioning of our internal organs and regulator of the level of immune defenses. Finally, each session of massage it helps to improve the mental condition and the mood, as it reduces stress by increasing the level of energy and vitality. The skin is a fundamental communication membrane and represents the first impact that each of us has with the outside world, so having a strong and healthy skin allows us to approach life in a more positive way. READ also: 10 DO-IT-YOURSELF FACE SCRUBS

Il dry brushing it is coming back into fashion in recent years, but in reality it is a method known since ancient times and practiced by the ancient Greeks, but also in India, China, Japan and the Scandinavian countries.

In the West, dry brushing, understood as a curative practice and practiced systematically according to a precise technique, was introduced in the mid-nineteenth century by the German abbot Sebastian Kneipp, hygienist and founder of hydrotherapy. Kneipp thought of applying brushing to all those people who could not benefit from alternating cold and hot baths or who could not raise their body temperature.

Dry body friction is still a widespread practice in other cultures. In Ayurvedic medicine, for example, there is the garshana, a massage equivalent to brushing that is practiced with silk gloves. In Japan, on the other hand, the use of brushing is a fundamental element of the true and true del'ofuro Japanese ritual bath.

Dry brushing: a small gesture with enormous benefits

But how is brushing practiced?

First of all you need to get a brush: it must be made of natural fibers, preferably luffa or tampico (extracted from Mexican agave leaves), with a wooden handle and handle.

The skin must be dry. We brush in the direction of blood circulation, starting from the right foot, which is the furthest point from the heart, to go up along the legs and then towards the pelvis. We must always go towards the heart, and never the other way around, because the lymph flows upwards. Then from the feet towards the pelvis, from the lower abdomen to the breastbone, from the hands to the shoulders.

The movements will have to be more decisive where the skin is thicker, lighter in the more delicate areas such as the inside of the arms, the belly, the inside of the thighs. You need to brush both front and back, trying to breathe deeply during the massage. A slight redness of the leather is an indication of the correct execution of the friction.

The only caveat is to avoid contact with points where the skin is damaged due to the presence of pathologies such as skin rashes, eczema or psoriasis. At the end of the operation it is advisable to take a shower to permanently eliminate all the dead cells that remain attached to the skin.

A 5/10 minute massage is sufficient, provided it is performed daily or in any case with a certain consistency. There are also smaller brushes with more delicate bristles designed especially for face massage. We must proceed from the neck to the forehead with upward movements. Same technique, identical benefits. The first few times are just a few seconds, 30 or 40 at the most.

Afterwards, the duration of the massage can be increased up to 3 minutes. Avoid the reddened parts, with wounds or infections and the eye contour area.

Brushing can be done at any time of the day, but it should preferably be done in the morning, before a shower. In addition to purifying and stimulating the endocrine system, in fact, this practice represents a real injection of energy, toning and invigorating the whole organism. Precisely for this reason it is not recommended to practice it in the evening, as it constitutes a potential interference with night sleep.

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