Drumi: the new ecological and portable pedal washing machine (VIDEO)

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Designed for camping or for those obsessed with absolute sustainability, the new Drumi pedal washing machine by Yirego allows you to wash up to seven items without wasting any electricity.

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Ecological washing machines: the era of pedal washing machine with Drums, entirely ecological washing machine made by the Canadian house Yirego.

Designed for campground or for those in fixed with the sustainability absolute, this new pedal washing machine allows you to wash up to seven items without wasting electricity. And not only. We are ultimately used to having drinking water and electricity at hand, too often taking them for granted.

But let us remember that in many countries of the world the opposite happens: where there is no electricity network or the possibility of accessing drinking water, the possession of an electric washing machine is practically impossible. And maybe Drumi, like other projects born for the construction of low-cost washing machines that do not require electricity, it could also be a way to meet the needs of the poorest areas of the planet.

Big 22 inches, the size of the Drumi is really reduced to a minimum, so much so that it can fit perfectly into the trunk of the car together with all the rest of the camping equipment.

HOW IT WORKS - The system is based on a simple mechanism: by pressing on the pedal, a basket containing the items is rotated through soap and water. Once the "washing cycle“, You can drain the water via a valve activated by a button. That's all: the more you pedal (and even exercise!) The more you activate a sort of do-it-yourself spin cycle and eliminate excess water.

Drumi is already available on the Official site at a price of $289, and it is possible to pre-order which will arrive in spring 2018.

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