Drink 2 beers a day with friends: it is an excellent antidote to depression

Drinking two glasses of beer together helps prevent depression, a Swedish scientific study has shown.

Beer is an excellent antidote to depression, one revealed Swedish study who for several years has been investigating the effects of alcohol consumption on the "evil of living". Well, according to the results, drinking moderately is good for your mood.

The research examined a total of 10.441 people over the course of a decade, whose answers showed that those who drink nothing have a greater risk of depression compared to those who drink a few glasses a day. As long as it is not too heavy alcohol, such as beer.

The situation is different for those who drink too much beer, and alcohol in general, because in this case, depression is more likely to manifest itself. The right number of beers to drink weekly would be 14practically 2 day.

And if beer is drunk in company, even better, because it is precisely enjoying it with friends that makes it "healthy", according to the researchers. Also because being together with loved ones, as is well known, has in itself many beneficial effects from a psychophysical point of view.

The important thing is not to overdo it because if never drinking increases the risk of melancholy, excessive alcohol consumption also has devastating effects. It is no coincidence that people who consume more than 14 beers a week have been found to have a greater risk of depression.

A further study confirmed the same theory, showing that two glasses of beer or wine a day are good for health and even extend life. Just drink in moderation!

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Laura Rose

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