Domestic photovoltaics: integrated panels with white roofs are coming (for now for the Bermuda islands)

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Photovoltaic against expensive bills, yes, but the eye also wants its part. The Greenlight Energy company has launched white solar panels in order to be totally integrated with the roofs of the same color, to answer the "aesthetic" demand of the owners of Bermuda. The solution, however, is not only aesthetic

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In the Bermuda Islands, there was apparently some resistance to buying traditional solar panels for roofs due to the traditional white color of the houses. So the Greenlight Energy company launched solar panels of the same color. Which, however, are also more efficient.

Yes, even the eye wants its part and technology also advances on the basis of these requests. However, in this specific case, we are not just talking about aesthetics.

Their white color and the ability to refract light imply that these solar panels work best in high heat conditions - reads the company website - We welcome maximum energy savings this summer

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The product was designed for a particular target, where the traditional aspect of the panels was found to be a slight disincentive to purchase. However, as often happens, to solve a problem that might seem secondary, technology finds solutions that solve other difficulties.

The panels will be available from May, hoping that the market will expand and that this will push other companies to improve the quality / price ratio of their products.

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Fonte: Greenlight Energy

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