Does using deodorants with aluminum and parabens increase the risk of breast cancer?

    Does using deodorants with aluminum and parabens increase the risk of breast cancer?

    Especially in summer, using deodorant is a must! However, the news has repeatedly circulated online that using this cosmetic preparation every day can increase the risk of breast cancer. But is it really so? What do the experts say?

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    Especially in summer, use the deodorant it is a must! However, the news has circulated on the net several times that using this cosmetic preparation every day can increase the risk of breast cancer. But It's really like this? What do the experts say?

    Those who believe that deodorant is something potentially risky for our health blames them above all formulations that contain aluminum and parabens, accused of having a carcinogenic power. Using the deodorant daily, therefore, would ensure that these substances, through the armpits, can reach our body, increasing the risk of developing breast cancer.

    In particular, aluminum would modify the receptors for estrogen (sex hormones whose concentration affects the development of breast cancer) in the breast tissue, effectively increasing the risk of getting sick. Parabens, then, would have a similar effect since they are substances that behave in a similar way to estrogen.

    It is also argued that the disastrous effect is also due to the fact that some deodorants prevent the body from sweating and therefore to eliminate toxins, which in this way stagnate in the body.

    But how much is it true? In reality, experts reassure us a lot about the use of deodorants. There are no scientific studies that concretely support the alleged dangerousness of deodorants, even those with aluminum and parabens, with respect to developing breast cancer.

    As we read on the anti-fake news site "dottoremaeveroche", of the National Federation of Medical Orders:

    "There is currently no evidence that the aluminum contained in deodorants can reach the mammary glands in significant quantities."

    While the Airc, Foundation for Cancer Research points out that:

    “The amount of metal that reaches the breast through food is much higher than that which reaches the breast through the skin. Consequently, experts believe that there is, at the present stage of research, any concrete link between aluminum in deodorants and breast cancer ”.

    As for parabens, the alarm was raised by a 2004 study that noted the presence of parabens in 20 breast cancer tissue samples. The conclusion, following this discovery, was that these substances "could" have a carcinogenic effect. The confirmation of this, in other larger studies and where there was a control group, however, never arrived and consequently a cause-and-effect relationship has never been demonstrated between paraben absorption and increased likelihood of getting breast cancer.

    In 2016, a review of all observational studies on the subject was published using two control groups and the results did not find:

    "No relationship between the use of deodorants and the likelihood of developing breast cancer"

    In fact, the author specifies that there are not enough studies to reach a definitive conclusion on the subject. But why then are most cancers right near the armpit (another reason why deodorants have been blamed several times)?

    To answer is the Airc:

    "The external upper quarter of the breast is the most frequent site of breast cancers only because it is the most voluminous part of the gland and not because it is contiguous to the axillary lymph nodes".

    Although there appears to be no relationship between deodorant use and increased cancer risk, however, we can choose the most natural solutions. Aluminum and parabens are not harmless ingredients neither for us nor for the environment, we can choose deodorants that do not contain them or even prepare our own deodorant at home or use simple baking soda powder to avoid bad smells.

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