Does Ledum Palustre work? Is it really the best remedy for mosquitoes?

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Ledum Palustre, how to use it to prevent mosquito bites? Dosage, method of administration and how does it work?

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Il Ledum Palustre it is probably the best known and most used mosquito remedy. So let's find out how it works and how to use it to prevent those annoying pinches.

When the period in which mosquitoes return particularly active is approaching, the problem of how to defend oneself, but above all children, from their bites also reappears. One of the most used homeopathic remedies, but also discussed in terms of real effectiveness, is the Ledum Palustre (Rhododendron tomentosum), also called wild rosemary.

Generally, for a more targeted effect against mosquitoes, it is recommended to use the Ledum Palustre in granules for internal use, but there are also products herbal remedies, for example mosquito spray, to be sprayed as needed to protect against insects or the tincture which can be used as a solution for external use as needed.


Ledum Palustre, how does it work?

This remedy would make the smell of human sweat unpleasant to mosquitoes, which therefore move away. Don't worry about it changing and becoming more perceptible to humans as well because that doesn't happen. You can use it safely without risking bad smells.

As with most homeopathic remedies, even in the case of Ledum it is necessary to wait for the results that are not instantaneous, but are generally noticed after a few days or weeks from taking.

Ledum palustre, curiosities


Already in ancient times, Ledum palustre was considered a natural insecticide. For example, in Finland the dried leaves of this plant were used, they were reduced to powder and then a little beer was added to keep it longer.

Ledum Palustre in granules, how to use it: dosage and concentrations

First of all it must be specified that this homeopathic remedy should be started some time before the moment in which you want to protect yourself from mosquitoes. If, for example, you are planning a trip to exotic countries, you can start taking the Ledum Palustre even a few weeks before departure.

a generic protection from mosquitoes in the summer season you can also assume starting from May and until such time as these insects stop proliferating (usually September).

And granules they must dissolve slowly under the tongue, away from meals and especially from coffee. You shouldn't touch them with your hands and use nearby foods or dentrifrici with mint, camphor or licorice which may limit their effect.

Il Ledum malaria it is available in granules of different concentrations (CH) from 3 to 200 CH. For example, you can choose:

  • dilution 5CH or 9CH: in this case 3 granules are generally taken 3 times a day
  • dilution 30 CH: always three times a day
  • single dose of 200 CH

To know how it is best to take Ledum Palustre according to your needs consult a homeopathic doctor or seek advice from an experienced pharmacist. Also and especially if you want to experience the effect of this remedy on children, we recommend that you contact a homeopath who will indicate the dose and dilution most suitable for the age and situation of your child.

Summarizing the Ledum Palustre:

  • Can be hired in granules several times a day or in a single dose
  • It is located in different dilutions up to 200 CH
  • It should be taken between meals, dissolved under the tongue and without touching the granules with the hands
  • You have to start taking it before the actual mosquito period
  • When following a homeopathic treatment, it is necessary to avoid the use of dentrifrici with mint, camphor and licorice
  • To take it to the fullest always ask a homeopath for advice

Ledum Palustre, where to find it?

The homeopathic granules of Ledum Palustre is found available in all pharmacies while in herbal medicine and online you can also buy other types of products that exploit the repellent power of this plant against mosquitoes: sprays, creams, mother tincture, bracelets and more.

Ledum palustre: does it really work?

As can happen in the case of homeopathic remedies, the result does not always come, especially if the opinion of an expert has not been sought. There are therefore those who believe the Ledum palustre a excellent remedy against mosquitoes and those who, despite having tried it, have not obtained many results.

As for the homeopaths themselves, then, not all believe it is right to use Ledum in these ways against mosquitoes.

The Ledum palustre, however, acts differently from person to person, Sometimes it is possible to reduce mosquito bites, but it is still necessary to spray on the skin some product based on Ledum Palustre or other natural substances with a repellent effect.

ledum palustre spray

If you notice that Ledum palustre homeopathic granules are not effective on your body to keep mosquitoes away, try to use the spray version of this natural remedy. You can find products made with only ledum palustre or in which other plants with repellent action are mixed together with it, such as lemongrass, basil, eucalyptus, etc.

Always read the product Inci well that you buy as it is not certain that, even if you use phytotherapeutic substances, they are completely natural compositions. There are also specific ones designed specifically for the delicate skin of children and babies, ask a herbalist or pharmacy for the best spray for your needs and then spray it on the skin several times a day as needed following the instructions on the package. or in the package insert.

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Ledum palustre, other uses

Like all homeopathic remedies, Ledum Palustre is also indicated in many situations. Not only to prevent mosquito bites, but also, for example, like remedy for arthritis and osteoarthritis and in general to treat joint problems. As always, consult a homeopath who can indicate this or other remedies based on the problem as well as the characteristics and constitution of the patient.

Other natural remedies for mosquitoes

If in your case the Ledum Palustre has not shown itself to be decisive, you can experiment with other natural mosquito remedies, for example, there are essential oils of eucalyptus or lavender, plants and sprays based on lemongrass or basil.

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And if mosquitoes, despite natural remedies, have stung you anyway, you can soothe discomfort and avoid swelling and redness trying some of the systems you find in our article dedicated to natural remedies for mosquito bites.

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