Do you want to keep fit? Eat more for lunch and less for dinner

A Californian research found that those who consume more calories at dinner than at lunch are at greater risk of being overweight and obese.

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Our body needs all of them necessary nutrients to its proper functioning especially in the first part of the day when we are full of commitments and need energy to spend. In the evening instead nutritional needs drop especially if after dinner you lead a sedentary life (watching TV, reading a book, etc.) and then go straight to sleep. Here then is the old saying that reads: "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a poor man".

The secret to keeping fit would therefore be precisely this: eat higher calorie meals earlier in the day (breakfast and lunch) instead reserving only "the crumbs" for dinner. A speech that, according to some Californian researchers, would be valid for everyone and would allow us not to gain weight.

The research, published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and conducted on a total of 239 adult volunteers shows how it is not necessary to count calories or undergo strange diets to keep fit. Certainly we must not exaggerate but the secret would simply be to indulge in more food for lunch and less for dinner. Specifically, from the data collected by the researchers it was seen that those who introduce more than 33% of the daily calories at dinner (or rather from 17:00 onwards) are more at risk of obesity or overweight than those who consume more calories (33% or more) during lunch.

Particularly heavy dishes should be avoided in the evening such as fried foods but also pasta and fatty condiments. Instead, it is good to prefer a rich breakfast and a good lunch so as not to arrive too hungry for dinner and therefore gorge yourself when the body is less able to dispose of calories because it is preparing for night rest.

In general, nutritionists are quite in agreement in saying that it should be taken during the day 25% calories from breakfast and snack in the middle of the morning, approx 45% of calories from lunch plus an afternoon snack e 30% from dinner which must in any case be based on easily digestible foods.

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