Do you want to change your life? 5 steps to break the routine and get out of your comfort zone

Does your life no longer satisfy you? Would you like to veer the other way, but get stuck in your comfort zone? A few tips to put the change into practice

You'd like it change your life? Would you like to change something in your days that you just can't stand anymore? So maybe the time has come to try to get out of the so-called 'comfort zone' that space between the concrete and the imaginary in which we feel at ease but which maybe at the same time is trapping us.

of comfort zone ours is part daily routine with that series of habits that do not allow us to implement the change we dream of and that at the same time prevent us from opening ourselves to new and different experiences.

Getting out of that area in which we feel at ease simply because we are able to keep everything under control and because we know how to manage every problem becomes important if we want to try to change jobs, hobbies or friendships.

Here are some useful tips to break the routine and get out of the shell.


Change your life: face resistance to change

If we really want to change we have to listen to what it tells us our inner voice. For example, let's try to make a list of dreams that we could always have achieved, choose the goal that we can achieve more easily and get ready to get closer step by step. Planning small intermediate goals to reach before reaching the finish line is a winning strategy to try.

The right time to change your life is today

Let us not postpone what we could do today until tomorrow. Let's follow what this famous saying suggests to us start our change right away. Maybe we feel stuck due to the fear of failure. The best time is always as soon as possible, as we don't know what the future holds. Better to leave right now, when we have no major obstacles in front of us.

Forget the excuses

We are always very good at finding excuses to postpone the time to initiate our change. Sometimes we tell ourselves that we would like to start our breakthrough when we have more money, other times we complain about the lack of time or postpone our projects to another time: 'when I finish university'. 'when I am retired', 'after I have moved'. Try to let go of excuses and justifications and of do not take steps backwards, only steps forward.

To change your life, cultivate self-esteem

Perhaps the real problem is that we don't feel up to it of the dream we would like to realize. Thoughts like this form in our minds: 'it's not for me', 'I'm not able to go all the way', 'I'm not the right person to start this project'. Begin at regain self-esteem in small steps, first of all by dedicating yourself to a new activity: taking a cooking class, dancing or learning to ski. If you know how to open yourself to the news, understanding what your true attitudes are will be easier and you will also understand what it means to really act with commitment and dedication.

Start meditating

Starting to meditate is in itself a challenge to change. For meditate in an effective way you have to devote yourself to the practice at least twice a day. The advice is to start meditating for 10-15 minutes in the morning and in the evening. If you want to start taking a Yoga or meditation course to understand which style suits you best. Meditation frees your mind and helps it to make the right choices through intuition and to understand what the real goals you care about most are. (Read also: Meditation: how 10 minutes a day can change your life for the better)

Are you ready for change?

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