Do you want strong and shiny hair? These are the vitamins and minerals to take in the fall

Do you want strong and shiny hair? These are the vitamins and minerals to take in the fall

Here are all the vitamins and minerals to take in the fall to have vigorous, healthy and shiny hair

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After our summer hair they appear more dry and frizzy and with the arrival of autumn they tend to weaken even more, to have less volume and to fall more. Fault of external agents and the stress of the change of season, but also of a bad diet. Let's find out how to protect them by filling up on vitamins and minerals.

How to protect your hair and keep it shiny

The sun, the sea and the chlorine from the pool and the more frequent washing damage our hair during the summer months. The situation does not improve in the fall, when the falling temperatures and the wind further test the hair, which can consequently appear dull, dry and frizzy, lacking in volume and falling more.

To prevent the hair from being damaged, it is good to protect it from external aggressions, especially during the summer months. Furthermore, excessive or too close use of the hair dryer and straightening plates should be avoided.

The hair also tends to dry out when very aggressive shampoos and basic soaps are used to cleanse it, or if you frequently resort to bleaching and dyes. When the hair appears frizzy, it is still possible to make it healthy and shiny again by checking the tips and the most damaged parts and starting to take care of the nutrition.

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Vitamins and minerals for healthy and shiny hair

Although hair quantity, thickness and pigmentation are genetically determined, one good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can make a difference. An unbalanced diet, in fact, can negatively influence the development of the hair causing a slower growth, the premature loss or lack of pigmentation.

Daily nutrition must provide all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs and that allow our hair to grow healthy, numerous and to maintain shine, softness and color for a long time. Among the most important vitamins for hair health we find for example the Vitamin A and Vitamin D, two fat-soluble vitamins found mainly in foods of animal origin, but not only. In fact, we can find a precursor of Vitamin A in all orange and red colored fruits and vegetables, in the form of beta carotene: it will then be our body that converts the beta carotene into vitamin A.

With regard to the Vitamin DInstead, we can count on the chemical reaction that takes place between the cholesterol present in the cell membranes of our skin which, thanks to the action of the sun's rays, is transformed into vitamin D, covering a large part of the daily requirement.

Very important for the hair are the Vitamin C: , which is found in many raw and different vegetables B vitamins including Vitamin B3, B5, Biotin, Vitamin B9 and B12.

Among the minerals that support the growth and beauty of hair we find instead zinc, selenium and ironA deficiency in one or more of these minerals appears to play a key role in premature hair loss and graying.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, for the health and beauty of hair, thecaloric intake, protein and essential fatty acids. Excessively strict weight loss diets or a low intake of protein, linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid seem to be linked to greater hair weakness.

To get all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need a keep hair healthy and shiny it is not necessary to resort to food supplements: it is sufficient to follow a balanced diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

In case of ascertained deficiency of one or more micronutrients it can however be compensated quickly through the administration of Dietary Supplements, preferably on the advice of a doctor.

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